The flora and the fauna

I've known Cacharel for a while as a classic french brand that kind of went under the radar a few years back.  But whoever is heading Cacharel these days is making big moves in the form of floral wonderfulness, bringing back their vintage floral prints. 
Cacharel teamed up with Aloha Rag to celebrate their 50th anniversary to bring you a gorgeous small collection of summer staples in the form of floral dresses, shorts, button downs, tanks and accessories.  The print is simple enough to be worn layered but pretty enough to be worn with a plain pair of sandals and off to the beach. I especially cannot stop thinking about how perfect the floral tote would be in my wardrobe. Yum. 


This shit is bananas.

Ok ok, I've been staring at this thing for hours and I've finally decided, I am enough of a nerd to write a blog about it. Having naturally kind-of frizzy, very wavy long hair has left me many mornings debating whether to run out of the apt with my hair dripping down my back or to attempt to "blow dry" it and end up with a hot mess that doesn't subside till the next morning.

Defusers are nice, but don't quite do the trick. I have a feeling that despite the fact that this looks a bit strange, it would do exactly what it claims to do, which is "dry curls gently without over-heating".

And if it doesn't, you've just spent $185 on a green banana hand.. attached to a blow dryer.

I swear you get smarter the shorter your skirt gets.

You probably like making fun of hipsters. You probably are a hipster. Did you try to pick me up last week, offering to buy me that $1.50 Tecate at Enids?

Give yourself 10 cool-points to every person you've slept with on this blog.

All you've got to do is smile

Don't bother going to the website of "The Smile" because it wont clue you in to its charming secrets. But if you find yourself at 26 Bond street, located below ground level between Bowery and Lafayette, you'll discover you might not want to leave.

What looks like the love child of Earnest Sewn and Freeman's restaurant is actually a concept store, or a "general store", with a lunch menu and various products that fit the aesthetic such as Santa Maria Novello and "Wool and the Gang" products.

I promise you wont be able to find the menu listed anywhere but you wont be disappointed with the selection featuring specials every day and fresh ingredients from local farmers and manufacturers. Unfortunately, they've yet to be granted a liquor license, but you can expect dinner with wine and beer in the near future. In the mean time, go down to The Smile, hang out, eat, drink and buy.


Paint the town

Crayon rings? Duh I want these. Im just scared of all the things i'll accidentally color on.


Fools rush in.

During band practice with the Death Core 3 the other day, Natalie brought up this song on YouTube for inspiration. And we all sobbed while Patti Page put our raspy voices to shame. So, enjoy.