Coming out on top.

Living in New York opens up countless possibilities and endless collaborations, much like the one going on this Saturday at Rental gallery in Chinatown. December 12th marks the opening of the Still House exhibit featuring the works of young emerging artists in the new art scene. Featuring all types of mediums from sculpture, mix media, illustration, film, etc, the diverse group compliments each others work with the raw nature of their talents. Possessing each a unique aesthetic and representation, this group is sure to be something to look out for.

Opening ceremony starts this month on the 12th at 7pm at 120 East Broadway (Rental gallery) and will stay up till January 30th, 2010.

Check out the Still House website at EnterStillHouse.com


I'm in Love with Love.

Boy, do I have the biggest Girl crush ever! I went to Pamela Love's exhibition during fashion week to unveil her newest jewelry collection and it was just to die for, much like she is.  The collection, which features mammoth tusks in some of the limited edition pieces, is very raw and natural, lots of metals and leathers and ivory (?).  Pamela Love herself is absolutely stunning, with the most gorgeous crazy curly hair and smokey eyes.  I died for both her and her collection.  What was really cool about her presentation was that she created these little tents with old leather chairs, candle wax, dream catchers which created an almost eerie ambiance.  My love, Ethan, and his band Lost Boys played a short acoustic set over the fashion-chatter and the Patron drunk visitors. 

Photo: Garance Dore, Refinery29

Whats all the commotion?

My postings have been weak lately, and like every bad decision I've made in the past few weeks, I blame it on fashion week.  But now that its over I guess its time to get back with the program.  I'm absolutely dying over this jacket that I am waiting to arrive in the mail for me.  I've always wanted a leather bomber, and the rabbit fur just makes it even more special.  Not to mention, it will go perfectly with just about everything I've ever owned. 


I. Die.

I have loved these Surface to Air shoes for like, EVER. They're only $425 and my thought is that I would totally get a lot of use out of them.  I recently purchased a pair of Chanel wedges on ebay that are too big for me, and I'm starting to get bored with my current selection of shoes. Maybe these should be part of my fall look for 2009. Thoughts?


Chairlift up for MTV Video award!!!!!!!!!

 Chairlift has had a fucking good year for a new band.  When I met them back in September, they had just gotten word on the use of their song, Bruises, for an iPod commercial which has launched a myriad of success for them and general fame.  And now, their AWESOME video for Evident Utensil off of their baby album, Does You Inspire You, directed by Ray Tintori is up for an MTV Video Award for Best Breakthrough video.  

Blonde on Blonde.

Are you having a bad day? Do you need cheering up? Do you like music? and clever puns? Ethan Silverman of Silverhawk Management and Chris Taylor of beloved indie band Grizzly Bear, have put their heads (and hair) together and formed Terrible Records.  Besides being two of the hottest blonde babes I know, they're mutual love for creating and discovering music has lead to forming the label which will put out 7inch vinyl featuring one song by one artist on one side, and another song by another artist on the other. Woah. Like their unreleased Arthur Russell song and Taylor's solo project, CANT, for their first release, you can imagine the other gems that will come out of this partnership.  Check out their blog for Ethan's clever musings about whatever he finds relevant to the music scene, announcements about the label or just general hilarity. 


Earth Angel.

I was window-shopping on the internet and I came across my friend Jess (and Josh's) blog which I used to read all the time because it was funny and clever and they're both very angry young people. But she had this to say about Olivia Bee's flickr page and I'm totally fighting back tears in my office; "They remind me of being young and in love. I’m still young and I’m still in love (do we ever really fall out of it?) but one doesn’t hurt at all and one always, always does."

And now I'm wondering why there is a constant reoccuring theme in my life based on young love and all the purity that surrounds this concept. Maybe I'm not the only one who feels this way. Anyway, the pictures are beautiful and dreamy, check them out.

Im a survivor.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've had an obsession with survival kits. I used to make them out of empty shoe boxes and first aid kits and put everything from socks to mini shampoo bottles in them. The obsession didn't get any better when I read Steven Kings novel The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. A stray from his usual horror stories, this novel is about a girl who gets lost in the woods and listens to baseball to keep herself motivated to live and be found. Anyway, needless to say, I've been looking for the perfect little first aid kit, and I think I found the best: Lifeline Ultralight Survival kit is $15 and has everything you need to make it in the great outdoors. Taking up about as much room as a buncha postcards, the kit includes waterproof matches, an 80" x 50" emergency blanket, 50 ft. of fishing line with four hooks and sinker weights, a surgical blade, five wound closure strips, a map compass, emergency whistle, three feet of duct tape, and more, all in an included waterproof carrying case. I would add water purifying pills and a nail file, and then you can be on your way.

Nothing like a good home cooked meal.

Even though I don't have a family, nor do I have trouble feeding myself on work nights, I love the concept and execution behind Susie's Supper Club. Susie, who started out as a private chef for a family with 3 kids, has learned how to make natural delicious meals with various proteins that healthy and well portioned! And they deliver it to your door. In general, if it can be delivered, I love it. All you have to do it call up a day in advance, put in your order either by phone or online and they delivery it for dinner the next day. Did I mention they also have picnic meals prepared? SWOON.


Sweet little 16

Its that time of year again! The WONDERFUL time of year in which I celebrate my birth with my loved ones. My birthday.  Since I'll be turning 22, and I will no longer have to be the youngest of my friends with the exception of Emily and Natalie Galpern, I compiled a list of important gifts for 22 year old women.. Should to decide to purchase one of these, I will weep with joy and probably go home with you. Happy shoppings.

I figured I need not bother listing the price, you know it'll be expensive. 

Saint James Minquiers Shirt from MickMargo.com, size small

Chloe Sevigny boots for Opening Ceremony from Shopbop.com, size 36

Alexander Wang Shirt Dress from LaGarconne.com (size 0 or 2)

Acne Joan Gold Shirt from Creaturesofcomfort.us, size 38

Proenza Schouler Optic Sunglasses designed by my friend Alejandro Cardenas
Kay, I tried to include things that were under $300 it was difficult.  Its hard having such expensive tastes.