Greed is good. Sex is easy. Youth is forever.

Being a poor college student, who happens to have a penchant for expensive clothes, makes it hard to live in a city like New York without going into serious debt.  Sample sales, Barney's warehouse sale and seasonal clearances have definitely helped to keep my wardrobe and wallet happy. 

Anyway, a few days ago a fellow fashion-conscious friend introduced me to Gilt Group, a website featuring sample sales; luxury sample sales, to be exact. They offer a variety of brands for men, women, children and jewelry at members-only prices. 

Thanks to him, I am now a member of this non-exclusive email list that lets me know when Gilt.com has their sales, what new sales are coming up and when they're ending; Its like an alarm clock for shopping.

This weeks sales? Acne Jeans, Judith Ripka and... Nina Ricci! Isn't the internet tragically wonderful? 

Break my neck, its not the first thing you'll regret.

The sexy, haunting voice behind his shy little girl is nothing to be reckoned with; her music really blew me away.  Her lyrics are quirky and smart and the electronic beats and eerie layered background vocals are all done by the lady behind the name Earth Eater, Rebeca Arangoher.  Entering her sophomore at NYU's prestigious school of audio engineering, the Clive David School of Music, I can't wait to watch her grow as a musician.  Keep your ear to the Earth and be sure to check out her myspace


The kind-of love that makes your back hurt, wearing nothing but a t-shirt.

The perfect white t-shirt is like, a fashion myth.  They're either too tight or too new and they never seem to stay clean once you do find one.  Luckily for whoever is reading this, I've done the busy work and found the absolutely best white t-shirt on the face of the earth. 

The Kain t-shirt, found at Valley NYC, is the softest, most incredible shirt ever with a slouchy fit and cute little pocket.  Its 10% cashmere, so it feels like butter and is semi-sheer so a black bra looks sexy and chic underneath.  It also comes in v-neck, sans pocket, and a tank version in gray and white.  It'll set you back $78 for the t-shirts and $72 for the tanks, but I promise you, you'll wear your moneys worth.  I bought two just to be on the safe side since red wine + white cashmere = one sad fashionista. 

Be sure to visit the rest of Valley's website and LES location; they offer in-house bikini waxes which have been boasted as one of the best/most painless waxes in NYC.  Sounds too good to be true? Find out for yourself. 

Black and white and read all over.

It may be August still, and the weather may still be in the mid-80's nearly everyday, but all I can think about is my fall wardrobe and the perfectly accessory for this season; the two-toned Chanel tights. I can't even imagine going out of the house anymore without them. They are the perfect way to spruce up a plain black dress, or a pencil skirt and blouse, or anything at all. I will wear them every single day... as soon as I get a call saying that they're in-stock.  

Yes, unfortunately, there is a waiting list, like most amazing things in the world.  This makes me seriously worried about the gates of heaven, but you know what they say.. Good things come to those who wait. 

Nothing can cure the soul but the sense, just as nothing can cure the sense but the soul.

I like where the world of video games has been taking us lately, like the Wii for example, thats been trying to introduce an interactive element of a gaming by incorporating physical activity with the users choice of program.  Nintendo DS has also come out with a way to make video games less brain washing and more brain... challenging, with Brain Age. The game features mental exercises for you to keep your mind active.  Born in Japan (naturally) and inspired by the work of neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, the game is designed to stimulate your brain with math games, unscrambling letters and a version that features Sudoku. Brain Age 2 takes it a step further with music theory games and more difficult puzzles than the first. 

So if you're feeling brain-dead and your little bratty brother has a Nintendo DS that he barely uses (and you know he won't miss!) this is your chance to put your mind to work. 


Boys will be boys.

I guess this all stems from growing up in a household where my mother wore head-to-toe Ralph Lauren, dressed me in floral prints, and has found every possible toile printed furniture item that exists on the face of the earth; I can blame my mother but I truly love preppy-chic.  Not for me, of course. I've spent years cleansing my closet of Lacoste Polo's and pastel cable knit sweaters, but every now and again, I bring out that custom fitted pale blue and white striped button down and I sigh, remembering the good old WASP-y stomping grounds. 
With this said, I don't really bother to go into the Ralph Lauren stores anymore (mostly because they don't make anything in the color black...) but I wandered into Rugby the other day and truly fell in love.  The emblem blazers, the bright colored collard shirts worn under v-neck sweaters, the dress socks for men.. ughh, I felt like I was looking into my future husbands closet.  Needless to say, Rugby just opened up their online store and since I'm a huge advocate of online shopping, (a la parents credit cards) I highly suggest checking it out. 


He said it was the same for him when he was young.

And as for me when I was young, I had quite the sweet tooth.  There was a candy store in my neighborhood my father and I used to frequent called Edward Freemans, and it carried every possible type of candy you could imagine; candies that my father had had when he was a kid, candies from other countries, candies that weren't even being made anymore. But whenever we went there, we were sure to leave with a few tins of Grethers Pastilles. These Swedish made hard jelly candies are flavored as either black currants or red currants, and they taste incredible.  The tins are pretty hard to find so your best bet is to order a case online; I guarantee  they will be gone in a week. 
And apparently Bill Clinton is a fan? All the more reason to suck 'em down. 


Let me show you how a real lady drinks her milk.

Umm, who knew that Urban Outfitters was cool in the UK? And had cool stuff like a line for Luella? Well, apparently they do. The line, which is kitschy-kind-of London plaids and ruffles, is still pricey with a sick little blue bomber for $531 US dollars (boo, dollar). 

Anyway, I usually steer clear of the cheaply made, trendy shit that Urban Outfitters puts out (even though it IS a Philly based company) but I like what I see from this collection.  So quick, make friends with a nice British boy and get him to send you sweet UK clothes. No need to worry about Top Shop, it'll be in Soho in September.


Act your age, not your shoe size.

Im usually not a fan of Charlotte Ronson's clothing ( a little too girly for my liking) but I came across these awesome shoes on ShopBop.com that I completely fell in love with. They come in black or a deep purple suede, with a little tassel and an oxford style front, 4'' heel with a 1.5'' covered platform, so they at least look comfortable to walk in. The best part? They're only $194, so you won't feel bad traipsing around the city in them to deliver clothes for your Teen Vogue internship. 


The walls match our skin.

I love Amy Winehouse. Aside from having the most soulful and raspy-sexy singing voice, shes a total public crackhead who wears way too much liquid liner.  What's not to love? The other day I was at a restaurant and a version of "To know him is to love him" came on and I later found out its an acoustic version she put out on her B-Side album for Napster. The original, done by the Teddy Bears, is also worth taking a listen to, but her version kills it.