Oh, my aching hands, from raking in grands, and breaking in mic stands.

This Brooklyn based band, Chairlift, has just about blown up since the new Apple iPod nano commercial came out featuring their song.  They're absolutely awesome, and their album drops tonight so I suggest picking up a copy or getting it on itunes because it totally rocks.  And hey, supporting your local band is the latest rage, didn't you hear? 


Till death do us part.

I feel like everyone preoccupies themselves with death at some point in their life; and it doesn't help that we're constantly reminded that everything we do could cause cancer. But at least now you can have the facts: Cause of death; A Perfect Little Guide to What Kills Us gives you the 411 on how you could possibly bite the dust. Plus, who isn't interested in finding out if irony can kill you?


Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.

Stars are making a fashion comeback (thank god!). My favorite shape has been popping up all over the runways, a la Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. As for off the runway, a little line called Rika has picked up this trend and has me drooling over their star covered tote bag. Understated, chic and big enough to hold my notebooks for class, this bag is everything you could need in a tote. The Swedish designer doesn't use chemicals to treat her leather or glue in any of the production, which makes for a earth friendly fashion bonus. Check out the website for where to buy Rika products.


Its fashion week; do you know where your kids are?

Someone said the other day that fashion week was do or die and its completely true. Im in bed still at 5pm recovering from the Purple magazine party that was last night. But before all the madness started, I went to the Cassettes Fashion show and was photographed for Elle.com in their street chic section.  They were posted today and its fucking sick because I'm wearing Abby's shirt and she totally got young designer credit for it. The Brits and Gavin look ultra sexy and I think they're the only guys who were even put up. So ya, mad props. 
Heres me and here are the boyz

And I remember counting down until the year would be done..

I've been majorly busy with school to blog and then POOF, fashion week comes in like a lion. Its been madness, shows and parties and after party parties and ughh. The drinking has taken a toll on my skin. 
Anyway, I HAD to write about this awesome new device called the Polaroid PoGo which is a portable printer for your phone that you can take anywhere cause its basically the size of a phone. While its not wickedly practical and its a complete luxury item, it makes me want a camera phone so badly. I love my old brick blackberry but I think I just decided to upgrade to the bold or whatever. 
Another really neat thing about this polaroid printer is that it also works with your digital camera so you can print pictures right away with that too. I would probably use it for that considering it probably takes better pictures. Apparently the pictures are smudge proof, tear proof and water resistant and you don't need an ink cartridge? Someone please buy this for me so I can figure out how it works? I WANT. 


Whatever, you know wine cures everything.

I wish it were cold in New York now.  But, alas, its not; the weather is just teasing enough for me to want to wear pants in the morning but change into short short's in the afternoon.  Therefore the purchase of these gorgeous ASOS thigh high zipper-back "socks" have put my wardrobe decisions in a frenzy- having to decide between function and fahrenheit, I'm at a loss till the first frost comes.

Come on, winter, make my day.

Kill off my demons and my angels might die, too.

I watched an incredible movie last night called Transsiberian, featuring Ben Kingsley, Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer about a train that goes from Beijing, China to Moscow, Russia, and the happenings that go on between the two main characters and some Russian mobsters.  The movie, which I knew absolutely nothing about prior to watching it, completely blew my mind.  I won't give anything away, but heres the trailer so you can see for yourself: