And I remember counting down until the year would be done..

I've been majorly busy with school to blog and then POOF, fashion week comes in like a lion. Its been madness, shows and parties and after party parties and ughh. The drinking has taken a toll on my skin. 
Anyway, I HAD to write about this awesome new device called the Polaroid PoGo which is a portable printer for your phone that you can take anywhere cause its basically the size of a phone. While its not wickedly practical and its a complete luxury item, it makes me want a camera phone so badly. I love my old brick blackberry but I think I just decided to upgrade to the bold or whatever. 
Another really neat thing about this polaroid printer is that it also works with your digital camera so you can print pictures right away with that too. I would probably use it for that considering it probably takes better pictures. Apparently the pictures are smudge proof, tear proof and water resistant and you don't need an ink cartridge? Someone please buy this for me so I can figure out how it works? I WANT. 

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