Art and War.

Artist, friend and fellow cat-lover Alejandro Cardenas is certainly a man to be followed. As a graduate of the prestigious art school, Cooper Union, Cardenas is a renaissance man in every sense of the term. Aside from being the art director and print-designer at the beloved Proenza Schouler, he has just returned from his maiden voyage to art Basel in Switzerland where his art debuted for the first time. Check out the interview that he did for the insider where he shares his thoughts on music, clothing and favorite local eateries. And his love for his two kittehs, Who and If...


Our founding fathers.

Fathers day is coming up! And to me that means that Hallmark gets away with yet another bullshit holiday. But unlike Mothers day, where you know you must honor your mother or face nasty phone calls about not sending her flowers, Fathers day you can get away with the bare minimum. Like a macaroni and finger paint picture.

If you're a little bit more creative and Dad's into music, mix CDs are the best home-made gifts around. They're thoughtful, can be made into anthologies with multiple discs and I bet there are at least 5 indie artists you can imagine your dad rocking out to in his suit on the way to the office. (MGMT? Grizzly Bear? Yeasayer?) 

But if you're down on options, and dad doesn't like music, GroomingLounge.com has answered your prayers with the "My Dad's a Disaster" Fathers days kit. It comes with nose hair trimmers, talcum powder and fingernail clippers to beautify even the most schlubbish daddy's. 

Or if you want to kick it up a notch, a "Daddy's Girl" tattoo on your ass never fails.  

Looking for the magic.

Stumbling upon hidden little gems is the best form of discovery in Manhattan. Wether it be a vintage store or a hidden little cafe, there is an endless supply of untapped findings. For example, I was strolling along in Nolita the other day and I came across a storefront that looked nearly empty; clean white walls and floors with nothing but a blue velvet couch and shoes lining the walls. Thinking that I had found yet another pop-up shop, I walked in, only to find that it was a shoe store for the label Kathryn Amberleigh. 

I would normally expect a small store to have more in the way of decor but the shoes spoke for themselves.  Sophisticated but stylish, Kathryn Amberleigh has incorporated good design and materials with a fairly inexpensive price tag. The sandals were priced around $145 and the heels around $215, making them just what you want to pay for a seasonal shoe.  I especially loved the wedges which were made of stacked leather and are the most comfortable 5'' I've worn in a while. 

Be sure to check out the website and the new store at 219 Mott Street, between Prince and Spring. 

They tried to make me go to rehab...

Ugh, I am the first to admit that my biggest guilty pleasure on the iPod is Amy Winehouse. I can go days where I listen to her songs on repeat until I start tricking myself into thinking that smoking can do wonders for your vocal chords. Alas, I know this is not true, and its tragic to see a waste of such immense talent due to prolonged drug use. But at least some people are banking on it!

As you all know, collabs are the new black, so its no surprise that british clothing line, PPQ, is working on something with the wino we all know and love. And since she's dropped off the face of the performing earth, I guess she'll have plenty of time on her hands to get it off the ground.

In the meantime, please enjoy these gag-gifts that other have designed in honor of Ms. Winehouse. I especially love the jewel encrusted tampon and the heroin+cocaine salt+pepper shakers.




Chairlift Bruises Video!

Check out my babes in action! 

For the thrill of the chase.

Everyone loves a good chase. Car chases, chasing after boys, chasing after girls, chasing after boys chasing after other girls. But Rachel Nasvik took it to the next level with her Alice Bond's bag project where she's placing 96 bags all over Manhattan for lucky babes (or dudes) to find them, stuffed with your morning after kits and some other goodies. The catch? DUH. YOU HAVE TO FIND THEM. So far they've been sighted at Schillers, Cabin and Black+White.  

Happy huntings!