Looking for the magic.

Stumbling upon hidden little gems is the best form of discovery in Manhattan. Wether it be a vintage store or a hidden little cafe, there is an endless supply of untapped findings. For example, I was strolling along in Nolita the other day and I came across a storefront that looked nearly empty; clean white walls and floors with nothing but a blue velvet couch and shoes lining the walls. Thinking that I had found yet another pop-up shop, I walked in, only to find that it was a shoe store for the label Kathryn Amberleigh. 

I would normally expect a small store to have more in the way of decor but the shoes spoke for themselves.  Sophisticated but stylish, Kathryn Amberleigh has incorporated good design and materials with a fairly inexpensive price tag. The sandals were priced around $145 and the heels around $215, making them just what you want to pay for a seasonal shoe.  I especially loved the wedges which were made of stacked leather and are the most comfortable 5'' I've worn in a while. 

Be sure to check out the website and the new store at 219 Mott Street, between Prince and Spring. 

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