Sorry for the REALLY long break. I am BACK in action because my internet is working and life is swell. I just found out about this artist, Genevieve Waite, and I'm in love! Her voice sounds like any normal female jazz vocalist if they were sucking face with a helium balloon. Check out album Romance is on the Rise



The Restless Movie trailer:
peep it!


Literate and stylish, kissable and quiet. Thats what girls dreams are made of.

Not sure if I've ever done a post about Lyell, a great little girly boutique in Nolita, that features only its own clothing, but the newest collection certainly deserves a post.  Super feminine with little camisoles and floral bra and panty pieces, everything can be paired with your favorite not-so-feminine cut-off denim shorts and leather motorcycle jackets.  My favorite is this gorgeous little tap suit, which will look amazing with a black high waisted skirt or jeans, and that also comes in yellow at the store. The online shop is here at Refinery 29.


I don't need a nicotine patch, I smoke cigarettes.

And hell, if you're going to get cancer, you may as well do it stylishly with Nat Sherman's Fantasia's colored sniggerettes. These stogies are wrapped in a gold box and when you open it, you're not sure if you're looking at a smoke or a crayon; the cigarettes are colored with green, blue, red, yellow and bright pink papers, and a gold filter. Nat Sherman also promises that there are no additives in their cigarettes (but warns that this does not mean its a "safer" stoge... no kidding). If you get the chance, go visit the store on east 42nd street at 5th avenue.

Now all you need to do is wear color-coordinating Manolos, pick up your pooch with matching Louis Vuitton carry-case and spark-up with your Cartier Lighter!

Sensing a pattern, sensing a habit.

Yikes. This is just too good to be true.
Normally, I don't like to post too many things that are of similar categories for my blog (I try to mix it up) but SHIT, this is just the best thing I've ever seen.

The website Open! Design and Concept is a place for creators to post their creations! I am pretty stoked on the jewelry part, where you'll find this little gem: a ring that expands into a shot glass. YES THATS RIGHT. And its a perfect size me who often gets criticized for taking shots like a bitch. Made of white gold and sapphire, they say the ring is used for "vodka" shots, but who's gonna know if its silver patron you're pouring into this baby!


Alchemy (noun): any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

Pocket watches are timeless and elegant, but in this day in age with all the iPhones and Blackberry's, who would actually use one? Well, one of my favorite companies, D.L. & Co., has created something that doesn't function quite like a pocket-watch, but still has the same aesthetic appeal.

These solid fragrances are made of soft wax, that you rub your fingers in and apply to wrists, necks or, if you're a crafty hopeless romantic, love letters and other tokens of affections. The fragrances, which also come in candles, are either Lily of the Valley (white floral, hints of jasmine and sandalwood), Yuzu flower (citrus blossom), or Cassis bud (blackberry, fig and cedar) and can be layered to create your own unique scent. And at $30 a pop, these things make fabulous gifts.

Be sure to check out D.L & Co.'s other products, which include amazing stationary, chocolate skulls and the most gorgeous candles you've ever seen.

Hot. Tranny. Mess.

Ahhh, summer! Time for you to put away your mostly-black-New-Yorkers wardrobe and bring out that little hint of color you have hiding all the way in the back of your closet. Or, if you're like me, you still wear black but try to pop in a few bright tones to mix it up.
Aside from my pedicure (which is barbie pink, thank you) I have added in some pretty colors to my make-up collection. I recently got this Urban Decay Indigo Mascara, which adds just the slightest bit of color to eyes. Makes brown and green eyes pop, and just brightens blue eyes.
When it comes to lipstick, I'll leave the red to Hayley and so I recently tried this neon-pink Make-Up forever lipstick. The color is gorgeous on, especially against pale skin and dark hair but its not for the faint of heart- a very bold color that does not come off of vintage Victorian lace shirts (I stand witness to this, RIP shirt).
So yeah. If the inner faux-tranny in you has been dying to come out and play, this summer is the perfect time to let loose. Side Note: These are not to be worn together. I repeat, NOT to be worn together unless you're really trying to look like Sophia Lamar.

(Thanks Romy, for the inspiration on this post.)

"Everybody loves me, and I intend to keep it that way"

I've always had a mild fascination with Sarah Michelle Gellars cocaine-cross from Cruel Intentions, and since that movie, I've kept my eye open for a similar novelty. Lars Marius Larsen's container necklaces are definitely something for the wanna-be drug addict in all of us.

His work in jewelry has been described as Men's Metal, but I think that it can go either way. The work is definitely masculine in his choice of material, but the big chunky monogram bracelets would look equally chic on a skinny little wrist.

Check out the rest of this Norwegians designs and container necklaces and you can get really nostalgic and pop in Cruel Intentions and see Ryan Phillippe pre Reese Wither-away-spoon.


one night in... hendrix?

I mean, why shouldn't Jimi Hendrix have a sex tape? Paris Hilton has one, that slut Kim whatever has one, even Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach/The Hills has one! 
Check out the trailer, its really funny- Pamela des Barres makes a guest appearance talking about Hendrix's sex appeal, of course.  And incase you didn't get your fill of groupie with the sex video, check out des Barres book, I'm With The Band: Confessions of a Groupie


Sorry for the lack of posts.

Have been crazy busy trying to finish my mixed media pieces- stay tuned later this week to see pictures of those and updates from last week and this upcoming week.
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