Alchemy (noun): any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

Pocket watches are timeless and elegant, but in this day in age with all the iPhones and Blackberry's, who would actually use one? Well, one of my favorite companies, D.L. & Co., has created something that doesn't function quite like a pocket-watch, but still has the same aesthetic appeal.

These solid fragrances are made of soft wax, that you rub your fingers in and apply to wrists, necks or, if you're a crafty hopeless romantic, love letters and other tokens of affections. The fragrances, which also come in candles, are either Lily of the Valley (white floral, hints of jasmine and sandalwood), Yuzu flower (citrus blossom), or Cassis bud (blackberry, fig and cedar) and can be layered to create your own unique scent. And at $30 a pop, these things make fabulous gifts.

Be sure to check out D.L & Co.'s other products, which include amazing stationary, chocolate skulls and the most gorgeous candles you've ever seen.

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