The city that never sleeps.

If you've been living in New York for over a year, and you HAVENT discovered MaxDelivery.com, then smack yourself in the face right now. Go on, do it. Because you've basically been missing out on the best thing in the world. 
MaxDelivery.com is a service on the internet which is basically like having a CVS or Duane Reade on your computer. It has everything you could ever want, from carrots, yogurt and frozen dinners, to condoms, wine and pregnancy tests. The best part is you can order it with a credit card, (ie: your parents) and it comes to you in less than an hour (thats their guarantee).  
The best feeling in the world is when the delivery man rings up on my intercom and says, "Max Delivery!" 


You're never too old to appreciate Strong Bad from HomeStarRunner.com. I remember the first time I was turned on to this website, it was in 10th grade by a friend of mine, who used to spend homeroom speaking in the Home Staw Wunner voice. Surely, I became an addict of Strong Bads e-mails... HOW COULD YOU NOT!? So when this new game, "Cool Game for Attractive People" came out, I was instantly hooked.
Chicka, chicka EMAIL.....WOOOOO.

Once upon a time, you dressed so fine

What kind of self-indulgent lush would I be if I didn't write an entry on my blog about champagne? Clearly not a good one.
Veuve Clicquot has long been a favorite of mine.. ever since I was a little tyke when my Daddy would pour me a mini glass on New Years Eve, and I would toast with my pinkys out. I guess this is really a poor example of parenting but hell, I'm not an alcoholic yet!
I recently checked out their e-site to discover that VC has a myriad of toys and fun things you can buy... How did I ever live without this VC bracelet!?
So if your heart hurts from not having known about all these wonderfully kitschy products that VC has to offer, check out the e-store. For everything else VC, visit your local liquor store, bitch!


I don't need no hook for this shit.

So if you've been an avid reader of my of my blog, you're familiar with one of my first posts featuring my boy Samuel and his music. Well Samuel, known best for N.N.K.I (never not killing it, bitch), is back with his usually shenanigans and has new music up on his site.  AND be sure to check out the other men behind the music, the boys from the Knocks, J Patt and B Roc.  With their powers combined, they form Heavy Roc Music.  These kids are about to take over the music community so stay educated and don't miss Samuel's album release party, April 30th, 2008 at  Pianos. 
Be sure to check out Samuel's cover of "Shorty is the Shit" and my personal favorite, the tid-bit they have up of "I Heart New York". 

Oh, and while you're at it, send your Barfday wishes to B Roc who can finally say goodbye to his fake ID starting tomorrow. 

Hey pretty baby, get high with me.

What kind of pothead would I be if I didn't post something on my blog about 4.20? 

A STONED ONE, I guess, since I missed the holiday post! SO heres my attempt at redemption.

Released on 4.20, naturally, Pot Culture: the A - Z guide to stoned Language & Life has been getting a lot of hype due to the content, clearly, and the contributors.  Celebrities give life lessons about the culture of schmoking the herb. For example, Steve-O will properly explain how to make a can bong and Jack Nicholson will reveal his "stoniest" movie.  And Kiki Dunst puts in her two-cents, duh. 

While I think most stoners would prefer to spend money on a dime-bag than a book, it makes a nice addition to any coffee table.  And hell, if you buy it and it turns out to really suck, do what I did in high school, and use the pages to roll a j. 


Every time I come around 'da city, bling bling.

Ever find yourself just having countless amounts of money to spend and have no idea where to spend it? God, don't you just hate that? Well, lucky for you, Jeremy Abelson of PocketChange NYC has come up with a solution by creating a website dedicated to the most expensive and absurd things you can buy in New York and Los Angeles. 

The website, which boasts such absurdities as the most expensive corn dog, grilled cheese, exotic dance lesson and most expensive man-scapeing (ya, I don't know what the fuck man-scaping is either) also hosts a myriad of video's featuring Jeremy's other project, Natural Selection speed dating.  If you can't figure out what that means by the name, its essentially a group of old rich men or old rich women, paired up with YOUNG woman (for the rich old men) and gorgeous YOUNG men for (for the old rich women).  Its awesomely bad and Jeremy does it with just enough class that you don't feel like a prostitute for wanting to sign on board. 

I'm currently still waiting to try New Yorks (and possibly the worlds) most expensive Bagel, which comes with truffle cream cheese, gold flakes and goji berry jelly.. 
It certainly makes you wonder why you've been spending all that useless money on the $1.50 bagels and butter you buy at the local store.  What a waste! 


Her tangled hair would then just give it all away

I came across this artist one day, and fell in love with her work. Then I found out she went to school in Philadelphia and grew up in PA, and I fell even MORE in love with her. The childishness of her work is so endearing... I think I may have just found my first art piece.  Check out Mel Kadel's website and be sure to look at her collaboration with Brian Canning because its nothing short of brilliant. 


But youth, of course, must have its fling.

There is nothing like the first summer day in New York City. Where everyone shows a little more skin and hormones are running rapid. And on this day, theres nothing better to do than to go out and have a lazy brunch with friends.

So last Saturday, as the sun shone down on my naked arms, I sat outside of this cutesy little restaurant called Prune. With a brunch menu boasting 10 + bloody marys (one of which comes with pickled eggs and one comes with a beef jerky stick... for the brave) And if you can stomach the sometimes hour-long wait for brunch, I highly recommend it because it was truly the most delicious brunch I've had and with a great varied menu.

I took the safe route and had the soft scrambled eggs with smoked bacon, english muffin and a hashbrown. I also got a summery ginger-mint salad, which included pineapple, oranges and mango's (but was rather too sweet for my liking) Ilona got the Joes Dairy, which I tried and was absolutely delicious.

Although I haven't tried it, Prune is known for their Monte Cristo which is a triple decker ham, turkey and swiss cheese sandwich, custard-style battered and deep fried.

Things I don't need but really want/Early birthday presents:

1. This dope little Nikon coolpix camera that makes me wet.

2. This pocket knife necklace by Thea Grant.

3. A years supply of Sky photos by David Horvitz. (or anything related to his projects)

4. Either one of these incredible Chloe Bathing suits. Mint green or Art print? You tell me.

5. This Smythe blazer that I'd probably wear once.

6. These Sigerson Morrison sandals.

otay, thats it.

New Yorks Gone Hollywood.

The Lola crew just redid they're website all fancy like. Go check it out, and tell them to re-issue some of the first collection t-shirts cause they so ill.

I'm a rebel without a cause, except, it hasn't gotten me very far.

Ohh what's a girl to do on a nice day in April? Manicures, pedicures, shopping, bath houses..
Ya thats right. And in case you didn't know about this little East Village gem, I highly suggest you jump on the band wagon.

Thanks to James from Lola for dragging my ass to this quaint Russian and Turkish Bath house on 10th between 1st and avenue A. You walk in, and you give the guy behind the front desk your personal belongings (ie: cell phone, iPod, wad of hundo's) and you go into designated locker room with your key. *Be prepared to walk in on a 70 year old nude woman. After you lock up your stuff, and change into your robe, for girls, and shorts for men, head downstairs to the saunas. Don't expect Great Jones spa, my friends but check out one of the 4 steam rooms and be prepared to sweat all the alcohol you consumed the night before out of your system.

The major room, the Russian sauna, is crazy, and they recommend that you spend no more than 30 minutes at a time in there (not that anyone can.. its intense). Theres a fountain where they pour fresh cold water into a basin and you fill up a bucket and pour it over your head unless you want to die.

I liked the aromatherapy room best, where your sinus's get a nice cleansing.
Don't forget to bring a water bottle or buy one there- you need to stay hydrated for this experience. When you leave, you feel 10lbs lighter, and like you're on top of the world. And in the summer you can go up to the roof deck and topless tan next to your grandfather!

And if this is not enough incentive, did I mention that Collin Ferrel frequents this place? 3 month membership, please!


"I know where the summer goes"

...is the title of the new Ryan McGinley exhibit that just opened up at 83 Grand. Unfortunately, it was a madhouse of sweaty hipsters and their model friends, so I didn't get a chance to see everything but its definitely worth checking out. The opening was so packed that the cops had to come clear people off the street. Hipster Block Party!!

The apple of my eye-cant-believe-I-just-spent-that-much-money.

I guess brown paper bags to hold your lunch just don't cut it in a day and age where people manufacture Chanel toilet paper and Gucci ice cube trays. So in case your Prada napsack just can't fit your Louis Vuitton lunch box anymore, Hermes is to the rescue with their new nifty apple sac. God knows what this thing will set you back, but who can resist that pretty green leather and the cute shape of this useless contraption. Oh and thank god it comes with a place to hold your horn-rimmed apple peeler.

So there- in case you were wondering what to bring Mary-Kate Olsen on her next birthday, I bet you anything she doesn't have one of these!!

(thanks, Jess!)


The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

For those of you who know me, or see me on a regular basis, know that my blackberry is practically glued to my hand. I've been a loyal and loving friend to the clickwheel-brick Blackberry that I've had for about a year now. Even ask Cobe, my ex-boyfriend, that thinks if I were a doll, my accessory would be a berry.

Even though I doubt I'll ever be able to cross over to the dark side of the "ball" or "pearl" that comes in the new Blackberry models, if I did, I would get the new 9000. This gorgeous little machine has all the brains of a berry, but the beauty of an iPhone.

Now my next problem is waiting for my damn verizon contract to run out so I can buy it!!


Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Did Daddy neglect you as a child? Was Mommy too concerned with her plastic surgery and designer bags to do your hair and pack your lunches? Or maybe you've just had a few too many abusive boyfriends! In any case, you're not alone, and Love Addicts Anonymous can help you find an outlet to speak openly about your "addiction".
Or its just a great way to find a cheap one night stand.

(thanks, Madison!)