Once upon a time, you dressed so fine

What kind of self-indulgent lush would I be if I didn't write an entry on my blog about champagne? Clearly not a good one.
Veuve Clicquot has long been a favorite of mine.. ever since I was a little tyke when my Daddy would pour me a mini glass on New Years Eve, and I would toast with my pinkys out. I guess this is really a poor example of parenting but hell, I'm not an alcoholic yet!
I recently checked out their e-site to discover that VC has a myriad of toys and fun things you can buy... How did I ever live without this VC bracelet!?
So if your heart hurts from not having known about all these wonderfully kitschy products that VC has to offer, check out the e-store. For everything else VC, visit your local liquor store, bitch!

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