Hey pretty baby, get high with me.

What kind of pothead would I be if I didn't post something on my blog about 4.20? 

A STONED ONE, I guess, since I missed the holiday post! SO heres my attempt at redemption.

Released on 4.20, naturally, Pot Culture: the A - Z guide to stoned Language & Life has been getting a lot of hype due to the content, clearly, and the contributors.  Celebrities give life lessons about the culture of schmoking the herb. For example, Steve-O will properly explain how to make a can bong and Jack Nicholson will reveal his "stoniest" movie.  And Kiki Dunst puts in her two-cents, duh. 

While I think most stoners would prefer to spend money on a dime-bag than a book, it makes a nice addition to any coffee table.  And hell, if you buy it and it turns out to really suck, do what I did in high school, and use the pages to roll a j. 

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