Every time I come around 'da city, bling bling.

Ever find yourself just having countless amounts of money to spend and have no idea where to spend it? God, don't you just hate that? Well, lucky for you, Jeremy Abelson of PocketChange NYC has come up with a solution by creating a website dedicated to the most expensive and absurd things you can buy in New York and Los Angeles. 

The website, which boasts such absurdities as the most expensive corn dog, grilled cheese, exotic dance lesson and most expensive man-scapeing (ya, I don't know what the fuck man-scaping is either) also hosts a myriad of video's featuring Jeremy's other project, Natural Selection speed dating.  If you can't figure out what that means by the name, its essentially a group of old rich men or old rich women, paired up with YOUNG woman (for the rich old men) and gorgeous YOUNG men for (for the old rich women).  Its awesomely bad and Jeremy does it with just enough class that you don't feel like a prostitute for wanting to sign on board. 

I'm currently still waiting to try New Yorks (and possibly the worlds) most expensive Bagel, which comes with truffle cream cheese, gold flakes and goji berry jelly.. 
It certainly makes you wonder why you've been spending all that useless money on the $1.50 bagels and butter you buy at the local store.  What a waste! 

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Anonymous said...

miranda, this is epic. how have i never seen this?