Sweet little 16

Its that time of year again! The WONDERFUL time of year in which I celebrate my birth with my loved ones. My birthday.  Since I'll be turning 22, and I will no longer have to be the youngest of my friends with the exception of Emily and Natalie Galpern, I compiled a list of important gifts for 22 year old women.. Should to decide to purchase one of these, I will weep with joy and probably go home with you. Happy shoppings.

I figured I need not bother listing the price, you know it'll be expensive. 

Saint James Minquiers Shirt from MickMargo.com, size small

Chloe Sevigny boots for Opening Ceremony from Shopbop.com, size 36

Alexander Wang Shirt Dress from LaGarconne.com (size 0 or 2)

Acne Joan Gold Shirt from Creaturesofcomfort.us, size 38

Proenza Schouler Optic Sunglasses designed by my friend Alejandro Cardenas
Kay, I tried to include things that were under $300 it was difficult.  Its hard having such expensive tastes. 


Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Its almost as if God looked down upon the dirty streets of New York, looked into my hazy, stoned eyes and said, "Its your party, you can cry if you want to", and dangled this little gem in front of my face, laughing at its ridiculous price tag and the moths in my wallet. Hey, its my birthday, and I can dream if I want to.

Rather haunting and gothic, Delfina Delettrez's "Hand Bracelet" is the ultimate piece of unconventional hand-candy. Made of silver, gold and (my birthstone) ruby, each skeletal finger has a ring to put your own fingers through. And the joints are hinged to actually imitate your own fingers. Its like wearing your bones on the outside, if your bones were silver and gold and worth $8,310.00.

Guys, if its not too much to ask, this is what I want for my birthday. Thanks!


Bolivian Marching Powder.

If you know me, you are well aware of my love for all things fuzzy. Anything that is fuzzy, even if its so-ugly-its-cute fuzzy, I want to put it in my pocket and carry it around. But this creature that popped up on YouTube.com recently is the end of my search for finding the cutest, most fuzzy thing on earth. So feast your eyes on the puppydog caterpillar. I can hardly see the computer screen through my tears of joy.


Seance on a wet afternoon.

EVA's relocation to the 2400 square foot atelier/design studio on theBowery marks the re-birth of one of the most innovative retail locations in New York. Home to designers you'll have trouble finding elsewhere, EVA blurs the lines between fashion and art with owner and friend Stephanie Pappas' choice in clothing and the revolving installations of mixed media artists. From former location on Mulberry street to new home on the Bowery where it has become a welcome exstenion of the growing neighborhoood, EVA carries the likes of Threeasfour (NY),Stine Goya (Copenhagen), Rodebjer (Sweden), and Pamela Love (NY). In addition to the opening, Pappas is collaborating with jewelry designer Victoria Simes on her line, Saltalamacchia, and welcoming Kelly Andrews to the team to further establish EVA's minimalist vision.

Keep your ear to the ground.

With a pseudonym like Class Actress, you can bet that Elizabeth Harper puts on a damn good show. Her classic beauty and unique style fit in perfectly with her pop-vocals and synthy-electro beats. Check out her Myspace page here and be on the lookout for this pop-princess in the making.