Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees.

So, I'm still working on my apartment and its coming along quite nicely.  But, my ceilings are rather high thusly making my walls look even more barren than usual.  And since I'm trying to stick with my antique-y feel, these awesome botany posters from the Evolution store in Soho are justtt perfect.  They're based on old biology posters that teachers used to use in classrooms  that break down the different parts of the plant. The pictures lack detail which make them dated, adding to their appeal.  

They're mounted on wooden rods and can be shipped anywhere in the US for those of you who want to buy this for me.  My favorites are the Flax, Rapeseed and Pea. Hint hint. 

New favorite website.

I can dream, can't I? 
You'll find me dreaming here. 


Its been a long while since I've found an artist I really fell in love with, but today on Gawker.com I saw one of their featured artists and sparks flew. Myke Amend is just my cup of tea, with gorgeous intricate works of art featuring dark, fantasy-like themes.
On his website he offers original works as well as art prints for sale.  Although most of us aren't in the market for original pieces of art, his aren't going to set you back that much; the piece I have my eye on is only $750. And like most of the rest of the world, he's having a sale now so its the perfect time to buy! 
If you get a chance, check out his blog too, which is mostly about vampires, skeletons and zombies. Cute. 

Foot in mouth.

I have a new favorite blog.  Im not usually one to write about other blogs because if I did, then who would read mine!? But since this blog is written by a high school student with a shoe collection that most mothers would dream to have, I figure its an exception to my non-sensical rule. 
Sea of Shoes is written by a Dallas based girl who has a MAJOR shoe addiction.  Along with her dreamy foot-wardrobe, her clothing is a sweet mixture of old and new, designer and otherwise, and is perfectly pieced together.  I really love that she takes pictures of her ultra-fashionable mother, who definitely has a job in the fashion industry or just happens to be one of the most well-dressed mamas I've ever seen.

In Soviet Russia, fashion owns you!

Maybe designers at Chanel watched same discovery channel special on the Romanov Family as I did because this czar-inspired collection definitely CHANnELS the princes and princess' of the empirical russian family.  Military inspired sweaters, fur trapper hats, heavy tweeds and elaborate head-wear littered the runway, with a color theme of bright orange-y reds and black. Even some of the prints looked like the rooftops of a Russian skyline.  

My favorites? The accessories! An awesome fan, that looks to be made of material, fashioned after russian nesting dolls and a black and red fur muff with that signature CC logo. 
Even the model line-up featured mainly russian girls.  Is this an extreme use of target marketing or what?!


High as a kite.

Always a fan of sky high heels, but not really sure how to walk in them yet, Im obsessed with these Giambattista Valli black heels and the ones seen below on MKO.  Hers are definitely MIA for good, but the black ones are on sale AND in my size. ($392)

Also on sale: EVERYTHING.  Marc Jacobs is practically giving their Fall '08 stuff away for 70% off and I heard Barneys is also throwing everything from shoes to bags to clothes in discount bins for the hoards of hungry tourists to pick through.  


Tis' the season.. for suicide and depression medication.

Morbid, I know.  But ever since the end of halloween people have been talking about Christmas, and then yesterday I realized, CHRISTMAS IS A MONTH AWAY.  Someone in my classes ACTUALLY had the nerve to tell us that she had purchased presents for her mother and sister! What a fucking over achiever; who actually has presents already?

Alright, alright. So naturally I'm just upset because I haven't even begun to think about christmas or presents let alone gathered the money for either.  I have taken the necessary moves to start selling the things I no longer need on ebay, but I fear that is only going to get me so far.  But just because Im broke and a procrastinator doesn't mean that the rest of the world is, so here are some good holiday gift options for you. 
As for me, I just want THIS and a couple thousand dollars to decorate my new apartment. Oh and a Birkin bag.

Gifts for Women:  
1.) Lingerie: It never hurts to buy a woman lingerie, in my opinion.  Kiki De Montparnasse is gorgeous and classy, but will set you back at least a couple hundred dollars for the good stuff.  If you're on a budget, the candles and non-silk underwear is a great alternative.  Or if you're buying for more than one woman... 
2.) Shoes: Guys, Barney's is having a shoe sale right now, among other things.  Do you really need any more reason to go buy a pair of shoes for your girlfriend?  WE DONT CARE IF THEYRE ON SALE, WE JUST LOVE SHOES.
3.) Perfume: I always subscribe to the notion that you shouldn't buy a girl only perfume for a gift.. I think its rather tacky.  But if you are on a budget, or if your girlfriend is smelly or just genuinely wants perfume, you can't go wrong with Bond no. 9.  
4.) Jewelry: Anything from costume to diamonds works and make sure to find out if she prefers silver or gold.  If you're going the route of costume, I suggest something like Chanel or Hermes, like this GORGEOUS black and gold Collier de Chien bracelet, for $1,000.  Or if you're budgeting, here are some other options.
- Barneys co-op has some great jewelry, like this snake ring, $410.
5.) Personal Trainer: I suggest using this gift with caution because it could create some unwanted arguments. (ie: "SO YOU THINK IM FAT?!")  But if she already belongs to a gym, or if you know its something she would enjoy, a personal trainer for a few sessions could make an excellent gift.  
-Homebodies.com offers private lessons in the comfort of your own home for yoga and pilates enthusiasts.
-David Kirsch Wellness company offers private training lessons at his Madison Square club for $350 with the founder himself.  For a year membership, it'll run you $25,000.  
6.) Magazine subscriptions: What woman doesn't love a good fashion magazine, plus they're rather inexpensive (unless you go international, which can get pricey). Check out Maghound.com (see post below) for a way to bundle a bunch of different magazines together. If you're really clueless as to what to buy, here are some ideas. (www.magazines.com has a wide selection)
- Elle, Vogue, Nylon, W Mag or Numero, for the fashion enthusiast. 
- Wallpaper and Art + Auction, for anyone in architecture and art collecting. 
- People or Entertainment weekly, for the gossip and entertainment lover.
7.) Digital Camera: If she doesn't already have one (like myself, unfortunately) a digital camera can make the perfect gift.  
8.) Weekend in a Bed and Breakfast: Even if you're just minutes away from your apartment, sometimes getting away and sleeping in a different bed, bathing in a luxurious bath and being able to leave your clothes strewn across the room without worrying about cleaning, is all a couple needs.  The Lafayette House in Manhattan is a gorgeous little brown-stone turned into a mini-hotel with a vintage feel.  Everything from the deep marble bath with C.O Bigelow products to the working fireplaces makes this hide-a-way perfect for a weekend in bed.  And if you're not located in Manhattan, try www.BedandBreakfast.com for great suggestions all over the world. 
9.) Designer Bag: Listen to me, you CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT go wrong with a new bag.  Lanvin, Chanel, Balenciaga, Prada, Goyard, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta.  Learn those words and learn them well.  Barneys, Bergdorfs, eLuxury.com and even eBay, for crying out loud, sells gorgeous designer bags.  
10.) Gift Certificates: If you're really stuck on what to get someone, you can't go wrong with gift certificates.  For woman, I would say stick to somewhere you know they frequent.  
- iTunes

And if all else fails, call your ex's. 

Gifts for Men:
1.)  iPod touch/iPhone: Its funny how easy Apple made it to buy men presents.  You can't go wrong with gadgets. 
2.) Massages: The ones that DON'T come with "happy endings".  Skintology has great massages and the prices aren't too bad, with starting massages for $90. 
3.) Day at the Russian/Turkish Baths: Absolutely MY favorite thing to do on a lazy day, the russian and turkish baths make a great present.  They offer membership passes where you get a 6-day pass and also offer massages and other treatments.  But all in all, a day at the spa is only $25.  
4.) BBQ Dinner: Need I say more?  Pocketchangenyc.com offers a ton of options to choose from, but Blue Smoke may be one of my favorites.  
5.) A nice, old-fashioned Shave: Although not for every man, this is an excellent gift for someone who cherishes a good, clean, close shave.  Also can benefit you, if you know what I mean. 
- The Art of Shaving not only makes an excellent gift, but if you happen to be in New York for the holidays or live in New York, the Art of Shaving Barber spa offers shaves, haircuts and massages starting at $35.  The product line is my go-to for Dad presents. 
- Freeman's Sporting Club also offers that old-timey barbershop feeling with its traditional grooming techniques, like a straight razor shave for $40.  Great place to bring your father on a day out. 
6.) Anything and everything from Odin: For the well-dressed guy or for the guy you'd like to be well-dressed, Odin has awesome clothing, shoes, accessories and even beauty products, all for men.  With brands like Band of Outsiders and Obedient Son's, it covers classic and unique all under one roof. 
7.) Wallets:  Can't stand the wallet his ex-girlfriend bought him that is falling apart and needs to be replaced? Wallets are so easy and guys generally don't have much of a preference when it comes to style.  The classic Louis Vuitton billfold is great for a more label-conscious boy, or something simple like this  Comme de Garcon.    Also, for the minimalist, a 3-card holder is slim and elegant, like this Dior one. 
8.) Hats, scarves and gloves:  Keep them warm and free of complaints with cold weather accessories. 
9.) Ties, ties, ties: For some men, you can't go wrong with a beautiful tie.  
10.) Private boxing lessons or Private cooking lessons: This may not fit in perfectly to the rest of the list, but I think its a great present that someone will never forget.  
Boxing: there is an gym in Manhattan that specializes in boxing as a workout, and although I haven't personally experienced it, I've heard excellent things.  Trinity Boxing offers 10-private boxing lessons for $450. That'll really show him who's boss.
Cooking: may suggest something about his cooking, but a lesson from Home Cooking NY is $300 for 2 and could definitely bring a couple closer together. After-all, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, right? 
- Hugo Chef offers tailored cooking classes at $50 per hour.  Also offers wine tasting lessons for $120.
- The Wise Cook offers 3-hour classes for $300, plus an additional $50 per extra person where you learn to prepare a 3-course meal of your choice. 

And if all else fails, scour the pages of Uncrate.com for more ideas.  You're bound to find something.

For the magazine addict in all of us.

Described as "Netflix for magazines", MagHound.com is a club that lets you customize your monthly magazine purchases and change them whenever you'd like. You choose a membership based on how many magazines you'd like to recieve, and you pay a low monthly price. For example, if you want to get 3 magazines a month, you pay $4.95, 5 for $7.95 and 7 for $9.95. And, if you decide your apartment can't possibly fit another issue of Vogue, you can cancel anytime. With nearly 250 magazines to choose from, you'll never run out of reading material.


I like to mix business with leather.

I am sick and tired of saying, "I would love to make *insert article of clothing* for myself".  It is about time I buy myself a sewing machine and teach myself how to sew.  And no, I do not want to learn how to pattern or create the perfect hem, I just want to be able to stitch a little something together for myself when I'm feeling creative.  

Growing up, my mother and grandmother always used the classic Singer sewing machines, so just in time for Christmas, I researched a few well-priced and basic ones to motivated myself (or whomever wants to purchase one for me) to think "sew"! 

A place to call my own.

When you get past the hell that is moving in New York City, the whole experience is a rebirth both mentally and spatially.  This is most certainly the case for me since I'm downsizing to a small west village 6 floor walk-up on the quaint and quiet street of Grove.  The space itself doesn't bother me so much as the lack of closet space; I'm moving out of my 2 huge closets into one that will barely hold my t-shirts let alone my clothing, shoes, art supplies and magazines.  

But I must find a way to make this work.  So when I set out to find the perfect way to organize my life, I fell in love with these vintage looking filing cabinets from TwoJakes.com.  Made in the UK out of stainless steel, the Bisey cabinets offer a multitude of styles featuring anywhere from 4 to 30 drawers, giving you the perfect amount of space and storage.  Also, you can pick the color finish you want to match your drapes or opt for the assorted draw sizes.  

Either way, this is for sure on my Christmas list filed under home improvements. 


That means no, where I come from.

I admit it. 
I am a victim of New York City's ever-growing appreciation of black clothing. It's mildly embarrassing when you ask your room-mate every morning if this shade of black goes with this shade of black.  Anyway, I have been trying to expand my wardrobe options and while doing so, I have fallen in love with the ultimate foe of black; YELLOW.  
Yes thats right, YELLOW.
Not only yellow, but oranges and reds and even purples (GASP).  But more specifically, I have fallen in love with Miu Miu's newest addition to my Christmas list, these peep-toes. Yes, I know, they're horribly unconventional and impractical, but I LOVE THEM, and you will too once you see them mixed with my everyday wardrobe of black and white and gray. 

So, if you feel so inclined to buy them for me, I promise I will not object and I will accept them and eternally kiss your feet for the kind gesture towards my shoe collection. 

If you like then you should have put a ring on it.

Its so amazing to see your friends flourish in the world of fashion, and especially those who are having their first take at it.  My old pal Carolyne Cass has just recently launched her new line, Carolyne Alicia Cass and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  I happen to be a huge fan of velvet and zipper ANYTHING so her gorgeous take on high waisted shorts with big exposed zippers on either side with dark jewel tone velvets made my mouth water.  She also perfected the loose everyday silk tank top and an adorable romper made with a cute silk peter-pan collar tank button down and little velvet shorts; a perfect marriage of materials.  

Carolyne also made a lovely limited edition pair of shorts in a cashmere blend tweed and a few velvet double sided capes that will definitely become a wardrobe staple.  I was absolutely blown away with her "Essentials Collection", which is sure to become favorite amongst fashionites everywhere. 


There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.

I live for shoes.  Shoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Shoes for the soul.  Yadda Yadda.  Tristian Blair's shoes make me not want to wear clothes.  They're so goddamn awesome and so goddamn awfully hard to find.  But when I do, I will buy a pair and wear them till they're welded to my feet eternally.
Here are a few favorites from past and present collections:

Things you should consider buying me:

From top to bottom: Balenciaga, $995 - Lanvin, $1,910 - Lanvin, $2,150
It seems as if the more expensive bags get, the less money I have.

Oh to be wide awake besides you

Generally an Alexander Wang enthusiast, I find myself becoming bored with the constant use of the same silhouettes ie: flouncy silk shirt with little breast pocket, black skirts with zipper and clasp details and dresses that are too expensive for me to even care about.  Im also very disappointed with his newest attempt at prints: bubbles.  HOWEVER, with this being said, I do always find at least one piece of his that I grow to love and adore, and right now its a simple black blazer with a scarf detail very simple and sweet. 

Really what I should be doing with my time is learning how to hypnotize people into buying me these things. Much better use of my time. 


The skin of your yellow country teeth.

 I don't see why anyone would actually need a crystal skull head filled with vodka, but that doesn't mean I don't WANT one.  Crystal Head Vodka has married a morbid icon with a morbid drink, and the result is stunning.  Endorsed by former Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd, this triple diamond filtered Newfoundland pure spirit vodka is packaged in a glass skull and apparently is pretty smooth but not the smoothest vodka on the market.  I guess the gimmick is mostly that the skull bottle can be kept forever since its just as much decor as it a container to hold your booze. 

Up on the roof, with the whole world at your feet.

I have survived midterm hell and I promise to be posting more, so those of you who once read my blog consistently, PLEASE READ ON!
I stumbled across a website today that really struck my fancy; partly because I've never heard of most of the designers, and partly because the prices were disgustingly cheap for the gorgeous design work.  The store/website Pixie Market is as cute as its name, offering awesome shoes, dresses, jackets and more for a surprisingly reasonable price.  The store locations on Stanton between Orchard and Ludlow (and one in LA) must be pretty well hidden because I've never came across it while poking around the LES but I'm definitely going to check it out.  
The online site is surprisingly easy to use but it looks like the clothing sells out quickly, meaning, go buy some sweet stuff asap! 


Your skin is something I stir into my tea.

Ahh, and here we are again.  Suddenly, you have to wear a coat every day, layers are necessary, and you've definitely misplaced all your scarves since last march.  Instead of rummaging through your closet, just go out and buy one from Yokoo. These awesome, chunky knit "scarves" are not what you'd expect from your average winter accessory; the designs are practically works of art structured like architecture instead of a pashamina.  While the one listed above may not be the most practical, its definitely the most fun, but check out the other ones.  Did I mention they're affordable? ($50-$150) 



Its been my experience to fall in love with a band and decide that no other music is worth listening to. Well, this was most definitely the case when I stumbled across the brilliance that is Neutral Milk Hotels - In an Aeroplane Over the Sea. After not thinking about the record for a while, I found myself dreaming about the album recently and purchased it on vinyl and yes, its as amazing as you probably imagine. And while Jeff Mangum continues to disappoint me without even the semblance of a possibility of a reunion, at least there's comfort in knowing that I will always have this album (now on vinyl) to remind of the love I have for this band.
Merge has a bundle package for sale with On Avery Island 33 1/3's Neutral Milk Hotel Book.


Oh, my aching hands, from raking in grands, and breaking in mic stands.

This Brooklyn based band, Chairlift, has just about blown up since the new Apple iPod nano commercial came out featuring their song.  They're absolutely awesome, and their album drops tonight so I suggest picking up a copy or getting it on itunes because it totally rocks.  And hey, supporting your local band is the latest rage, didn't you hear? 


Till death do us part.

I feel like everyone preoccupies themselves with death at some point in their life; and it doesn't help that we're constantly reminded that everything we do could cause cancer. But at least now you can have the facts: Cause of death; A Perfect Little Guide to What Kills Us gives you the 411 on how you could possibly bite the dust. Plus, who isn't interested in finding out if irony can kill you?


Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.

Stars are making a fashion comeback (thank god!). My favorite shape has been popping up all over the runways, a la Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. As for off the runway, a little line called Rika has picked up this trend and has me drooling over their star covered tote bag. Understated, chic and big enough to hold my notebooks for class, this bag is everything you could need in a tote. The Swedish designer doesn't use chemicals to treat her leather or glue in any of the production, which makes for a earth friendly fashion bonus. Check out the website for where to buy Rika products.


Its fashion week; do you know where your kids are?

Someone said the other day that fashion week was do or die and its completely true. Im in bed still at 5pm recovering from the Purple magazine party that was last night. But before all the madness started, I went to the Cassettes Fashion show and was photographed for Elle.com in their street chic section.  They were posted today and its fucking sick because I'm wearing Abby's shirt and she totally got young designer credit for it. The Brits and Gavin look ultra sexy and I think they're the only guys who were even put up. So ya, mad props. 
Heres me and here are the boyz

And I remember counting down until the year would be done..

I've been majorly busy with school to blog and then POOF, fashion week comes in like a lion. Its been madness, shows and parties and after party parties and ughh. The drinking has taken a toll on my skin. 
Anyway, I HAD to write about this awesome new device called the Polaroid PoGo which is a portable printer for your phone that you can take anywhere cause its basically the size of a phone. While its not wickedly practical and its a complete luxury item, it makes me want a camera phone so badly. I love my old brick blackberry but I think I just decided to upgrade to the bold or whatever. 
Another really neat thing about this polaroid printer is that it also works with your digital camera so you can print pictures right away with that too. I would probably use it for that considering it probably takes better pictures. Apparently the pictures are smudge proof, tear proof and water resistant and you don't need an ink cartridge? Someone please buy this for me so I can figure out how it works? I WANT. 


Whatever, you know wine cures everything.

I wish it were cold in New York now.  But, alas, its not; the weather is just teasing enough for me to want to wear pants in the morning but change into short short's in the afternoon.  Therefore the purchase of these gorgeous ASOS thigh high zipper-back "socks" have put my wardrobe decisions in a frenzy- having to decide between function and fahrenheit, I'm at a loss till the first frost comes.

Come on, winter, make my day.

Kill off my demons and my angels might die, too.

I watched an incredible movie last night called Transsiberian, featuring Ben Kingsley, Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer about a train that goes from Beijing, China to Moscow, Russia, and the happenings that go on between the two main characters and some Russian mobsters.  The movie, which I knew absolutely nothing about prior to watching it, completely blew my mind.  I won't give anything away, but heres the trailer so you can see for yourself: 


Greed is good. Sex is easy. Youth is forever.

Being a poor college student, who happens to have a penchant for expensive clothes, makes it hard to live in a city like New York without going into serious debt.  Sample sales, Barney's warehouse sale and seasonal clearances have definitely helped to keep my wardrobe and wallet happy. 

Anyway, a few days ago a fellow fashion-conscious friend introduced me to Gilt Group, a website featuring sample sales; luxury sample sales, to be exact. They offer a variety of brands for men, women, children and jewelry at members-only prices. 

Thanks to him, I am now a member of this non-exclusive email list that lets me know when Gilt.com has their sales, what new sales are coming up and when they're ending; Its like an alarm clock for shopping.

This weeks sales? Acne Jeans, Judith Ripka and... Nina Ricci! Isn't the internet tragically wonderful? 

Break my neck, its not the first thing you'll regret.

The sexy, haunting voice behind his shy little girl is nothing to be reckoned with; her music really blew me away.  Her lyrics are quirky and smart and the electronic beats and eerie layered background vocals are all done by the lady behind the name Earth Eater, Rebeca Arangoher.  Entering her sophomore at NYU's prestigious school of audio engineering, the Clive David School of Music, I can't wait to watch her grow as a musician.  Keep your ear to the Earth and be sure to check out her myspace


The kind-of love that makes your back hurt, wearing nothing but a t-shirt.

The perfect white t-shirt is like, a fashion myth.  They're either too tight or too new and they never seem to stay clean once you do find one.  Luckily for whoever is reading this, I've done the busy work and found the absolutely best white t-shirt on the face of the earth. 

The Kain t-shirt, found at Valley NYC, is the softest, most incredible shirt ever with a slouchy fit and cute little pocket.  Its 10% cashmere, so it feels like butter and is semi-sheer so a black bra looks sexy and chic underneath.  It also comes in v-neck, sans pocket, and a tank version in gray and white.  It'll set you back $78 for the t-shirts and $72 for the tanks, but I promise you, you'll wear your moneys worth.  I bought two just to be on the safe side since red wine + white cashmere = one sad fashionista. 

Be sure to visit the rest of Valley's website and LES location; they offer in-house bikini waxes which have been boasted as one of the best/most painless waxes in NYC.  Sounds too good to be true? Find out for yourself. 

Black and white and read all over.

It may be August still, and the weather may still be in the mid-80's nearly everyday, but all I can think about is my fall wardrobe and the perfectly accessory for this season; the two-toned Chanel tights. I can't even imagine going out of the house anymore without them. They are the perfect way to spruce up a plain black dress, or a pencil skirt and blouse, or anything at all. I will wear them every single day... as soon as I get a call saying that they're in-stock.  

Yes, unfortunately, there is a waiting list, like most amazing things in the world.  This makes me seriously worried about the gates of heaven, but you know what they say.. Good things come to those who wait. 

Nothing can cure the soul but the sense, just as nothing can cure the sense but the soul.

I like where the world of video games has been taking us lately, like the Wii for example, thats been trying to introduce an interactive element of a gaming by incorporating physical activity with the users choice of program.  Nintendo DS has also come out with a way to make video games less brain washing and more brain... challenging, with Brain Age. The game features mental exercises for you to keep your mind active.  Born in Japan (naturally) and inspired by the work of neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, the game is designed to stimulate your brain with math games, unscrambling letters and a version that features Sudoku. Brain Age 2 takes it a step further with music theory games and more difficult puzzles than the first. 

So if you're feeling brain-dead and your little bratty brother has a Nintendo DS that he barely uses (and you know he won't miss!) this is your chance to put your mind to work. 


Boys will be boys.

I guess this all stems from growing up in a household where my mother wore head-to-toe Ralph Lauren, dressed me in floral prints, and has found every possible toile printed furniture item that exists on the face of the earth; I can blame my mother but I truly love preppy-chic.  Not for me, of course. I've spent years cleansing my closet of Lacoste Polo's and pastel cable knit sweaters, but every now and again, I bring out that custom fitted pale blue and white striped button down and I sigh, remembering the good old WASP-y stomping grounds. 
With this said, I don't really bother to go into the Ralph Lauren stores anymore (mostly because they don't make anything in the color black...) but I wandered into Rugby the other day and truly fell in love.  The emblem blazers, the bright colored collard shirts worn under v-neck sweaters, the dress socks for men.. ughh, I felt like I was looking into my future husbands closet.  Needless to say, Rugby just opened up their online store and since I'm a huge advocate of online shopping, (a la parents credit cards) I highly suggest checking it out. 


He said it was the same for him when he was young.

And as for me when I was young, I had quite the sweet tooth.  There was a candy store in my neighborhood my father and I used to frequent called Edward Freemans, and it carried every possible type of candy you could imagine; candies that my father had had when he was a kid, candies from other countries, candies that weren't even being made anymore. But whenever we went there, we were sure to leave with a few tins of Grethers Pastilles. These Swedish made hard jelly candies are flavored as either black currants or red currants, and they taste incredible.  The tins are pretty hard to find so your best bet is to order a case online; I guarantee  they will be gone in a week. 
And apparently Bill Clinton is a fan? All the more reason to suck 'em down. 


Let me show you how a real lady drinks her milk.

Umm, who knew that Urban Outfitters was cool in the UK? And had cool stuff like a line for Luella? Well, apparently they do. The line, which is kitschy-kind-of London plaids and ruffles, is still pricey with a sick little blue bomber for $531 US dollars (boo, dollar). 

Anyway, I usually steer clear of the cheaply made, trendy shit that Urban Outfitters puts out (even though it IS a Philly based company) but I like what I see from this collection.  So quick, make friends with a nice British boy and get him to send you sweet UK clothes. No need to worry about Top Shop, it'll be in Soho in September.


Act your age, not your shoe size.

Im usually not a fan of Charlotte Ronson's clothing ( a little too girly for my liking) but I came across these awesome shoes on ShopBop.com that I completely fell in love with. They come in black or a deep purple suede, with a little tassel and an oxford style front, 4'' heel with a 1.5'' covered platform, so they at least look comfortable to walk in. The best part? They're only $194, so you won't feel bad traipsing around the city in them to deliver clothes for your Teen Vogue internship. 


The walls match our skin.

I love Amy Winehouse. Aside from having the most soulful and raspy-sexy singing voice, shes a total public crackhead who wears way too much liquid liner.  What's not to love? The other day I was at a restaurant and a version of "To know him is to love him" came on and I later found out its an acoustic version she put out on her B-Side album for Napster. The original, done by the Teddy Bears, is also worth taking a listen to, but her version kills it. 


There are things you begin to forget when you've been here this long.

IM SUCH A BAD LITTLE BLOGGER. Have been on vacation (yes, Im so fucking tan) and writing for a magazine so I'm finding trouble writing for my blog, which is my favorite thing to write for! 
Anyway, my birthday is coming up and for my birthday dinner I've decided on a place called Max, an incredible little restaurant specializing in seafood/italian food.  Not to mention their excellent pitchers of Sangria ($26).  The best thing about this joint? You can sit outside under the night sky and smoke cigarettes while enjoying your meal.  


People try and hide the night underneath the covers.

Obscura could not be more accurate, for when you find yourself entering into this store filled with odds and ends of another era, you cant help but understand the given name. Obscura Antiques, located on 280 E. 10th street (between first avenue and avenue A), is filled with natural curiosities such as skeletons, drawers filled with dried, dead bugs, birds hung in glass cases and the list goes on.  They even have a collection of victorian clothing that dates back as early as the 1870's and old notebooks filled with god knows what. 
Be sure to check out the store, and also come check out their exhibit in Earnest Sewn's back room.


The love's to love the love's to love the love's to love...

I have seen Van Morrison a grand total of 3 times in my life; once when I was very young, and I barely remember, once when Max and I went, and just recently again with my father at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia.  The man is barely 5 feet tall, never shows his face, wears a bowler hat and a navy suit always and doesn't ever address the audience but puts on a pretty amazing performance playing instruments ranging from a mandolin to a harmonica.  

Anyway, he often uses a phrase in his lyrics, "jelly-roll".  Thanks to google.com, I finally found out that jelly-roll is not a fruit/bread rolled snack, but in fact a jazz singer, Jelly Roll Morton.  The dixie-land, ragtime musician, born in downtown New Orleans, considered himself the "Originator of Jazz" according to his business card. Take a listen to the youtube video I posted below; its no wonder Van references him so often.. his voice is like butter.


Whats the story, morning glory? Whats the world, humming bird?

From that wild-eyed, New York native who brought you ChompChomp comes a new site for your internet-browsing, lazy ass; InjoyDesign.com will keep you busy for hours.  Built by a creative team of artists and designers, InjoyDesign is set up like the New York Times but appeals to the young creative minds of our generation featuring articles about fashion, technology, graphic design, film and video, and world news written with a goofy twist.  The site is essentially a plethora of random information that would have never been grouped together if it weren't for the men (and women) behind the curtain. Take your time and be sure to injoy!

[thanks, Megan!]


Yes, more bacon.

I think at this point you all know (or should know) that I. Love. Bacon.  With that being said, I can now die happy because someone decided to finally com out with dental floss that tastes like Bacon. Bacon Floss completes my life, and if you buy it, I think it will complete yours too. 

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

I don't know why lately I've been on this seriously board game kick, but I recently remembered my old childhood favorite, Pretty Pretty Princess. So I decided to see if it was still available for purchase or if they'd updated my old classic. Low and Behold, I've found the original.  What I remember most about this game was that it was the cause of most of my childhood drama among my girlfriends during our playdates; I also remember only wanting the black ring, which looking back, probably should have been a sign to my parents that I was a problem child.  Maybe Pretty Pretty Princess is deeper than any of us imagined...
But still, I want the crown. 

John, I'm only dancing.

GIRL TALK - Feed the Animals.
Its all the rage these days to put up a digital download of your new CD and then allow fans to "name their price" and buy the album online. Don't you have your parents credit card memorized? Get on that shit, you lazy fools.