New York, you're perfect. Dont please, don't change a thing.

I think we all get this feeling of nostalgia when the weather warms and the suns out in my favorite city.  Girls start showing a little skin, guys start skateboarding on the street and we all start to visit Brooklyn a whole lot more. And although its not really that time of year YET, I'm starting to get antsy. 

Interview New York is a social project that knows New Yorkers are the craziest bunch of people around so they've taken it upon themselves to start a project in which they want to interview and publish everyone in the city.  The questions?

1. What are you proud of?
2. What are you scared of?
3. What gives you hope?

The interviews are to be conducted on video and emailed to cameron@interviewnewyork.com.
They're going to pick people from the videos they get to be photographed and then published in a book that will be launched in the summer.  

What have you got to lose?


One if by land, two if by sea.

I've always dreamed of going on a whirlwind vacation, packing only the essentials in a Goyard suitcase and jumping on a jet to some fantasy island.  Unfortunately there are plenty of things wrong with this picture: a. Ain't no one wisking me away to Ibiza. b. Goyard? Please.

But if you're in the market for some seriously stylish luggage and can't fork out the 4 or 5 digit price tags, then check out Steamline Luggage. The company has several different lines featuring unique and classic designs.  The Aviator series is reminiscent of Amelia Earhart where the Explorer series looks like something straight from "Out of Africa".  

The best part? The prices start at $180 and don't go over $500. Which means a stylish carry-on will run you $260, a piece that you'll likely have your whole life.  Check out the website for more styles and options. 


With candy like this, who needs bags?

Where I am still waiting for my "a-ha" moment, I often find something online that makes me wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?". Chanel LollyPops? Come on, Miranda, that was too easy. But no. I didn't think of it. Someone else did. Along with Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton lollypops too. They're so cute, I bet you're thinking, "It was SUCK to finish this". 

Sorry, I had to.


I spend the entire day looking at This Dudes website.  It looks totally amateur, which it is, but if you read his bio, hes like, the coolest guy ever and has dedicated his life to learning about weird animals.  So, if you have some free time, which I clearly do, then check it out. There are hundreds of pictures of starfish, seals and other adorable creatures. 


Like father, like son.

My darling friend Moises is by far a one of a kind.  Besides being the son of famed designer Oscar de la Renta, he lives a life untouched by fame, opting to prowl the streets at crazy hours, rather than attend society's finest events.  With a tattoo of a lightning bolt on his ear and always dressed to the nines, Moises lives in a league of his own.  
But one can never stray too far from their roots, err, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, right? MDLR is proof of this, Moises first collection of women's ready-to-wear.  Filled with exactly what an uptown girl meets downtown boy should wear, the cohesive first collection features gorgeous shift dresses, printed tops, geometric accessories and a leather jacket that gives mike and chris a run for their money with detachable sleeves and gold hardware. 
Im putting in my order as soon as the samples come back from Italy!