New York, you're perfect. Dont please, don't change a thing.

I think we all get this feeling of nostalgia when the weather warms and the suns out in my favorite city.  Girls start showing a little skin, guys start skateboarding on the street and we all start to visit Brooklyn a whole lot more. And although its not really that time of year YET, I'm starting to get antsy. 

Interview New York is a social project that knows New Yorkers are the craziest bunch of people around so they've taken it upon themselves to start a project in which they want to interview and publish everyone in the city.  The questions?

1. What are you proud of?
2. What are you scared of?
3. What gives you hope?

The interviews are to be conducted on video and emailed to cameron@interviewnewyork.com.
They're going to pick people from the videos they get to be photographed and then published in a book that will be launched in the summer.  

What have you got to lose?

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