Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees.

So, I'm still working on my apartment and its coming along quite nicely.  But, my ceilings are rather high thusly making my walls look even more barren than usual.  And since I'm trying to stick with my antique-y feel, these awesome botany posters from the Evolution store in Soho are justtt perfect.  They're based on old biology posters that teachers used to use in classrooms  that break down the different parts of the plant. The pictures lack detail which make them dated, adding to their appeal.  

They're mounted on wooden rods and can be shipped anywhere in the US for those of you who want to buy this for me.  My favorites are the Flax, Rapeseed and Pea. Hint hint. 

New favorite website.

I can dream, can't I? 
You'll find me dreaming here. 


Its been a long while since I've found an artist I really fell in love with, but today on Gawker.com I saw one of their featured artists and sparks flew. Myke Amend is just my cup of tea, with gorgeous intricate works of art featuring dark, fantasy-like themes.
On his website he offers original works as well as art prints for sale.  Although most of us aren't in the market for original pieces of art, his aren't going to set you back that much; the piece I have my eye on is only $750. And like most of the rest of the world, he's having a sale now so its the perfect time to buy! 
If you get a chance, check out his blog too, which is mostly about vampires, skeletons and zombies. Cute. 

Foot in mouth.

I have a new favorite blog.  Im not usually one to write about other blogs because if I did, then who would read mine!? But since this blog is written by a high school student with a shoe collection that most mothers would dream to have, I figure its an exception to my non-sensical rule. 
Sea of Shoes is written by a Dallas based girl who has a MAJOR shoe addiction.  Along with her dreamy foot-wardrobe, her clothing is a sweet mixture of old and new, designer and otherwise, and is perfectly pieced together.  I really love that she takes pictures of her ultra-fashionable mother, who definitely has a job in the fashion industry or just happens to be one of the most well-dressed mamas I've ever seen.

In Soviet Russia, fashion owns you!

Maybe designers at Chanel watched same discovery channel special on the Romanov Family as I did because this czar-inspired collection definitely CHANnELS the princes and princess' of the empirical russian family.  Military inspired sweaters, fur trapper hats, heavy tweeds and elaborate head-wear littered the runway, with a color theme of bright orange-y reds and black. Even some of the prints looked like the rooftops of a Russian skyline.  

My favorites? The accessories! An awesome fan, that looks to be made of material, fashioned after russian nesting dolls and a black and red fur muff with that signature CC logo. 
Even the model line-up featured mainly russian girls.  Is this an extreme use of target marketing or what?!


High as a kite.

Always a fan of sky high heels, but not really sure how to walk in them yet, Im obsessed with these Giambattista Valli black heels and the ones seen below on MKO.  Hers are definitely MIA for good, but the black ones are on sale AND in my size. ($392)

Also on sale: EVERYTHING.  Marc Jacobs is practically giving their Fall '08 stuff away for 70% off and I heard Barneys is also throwing everything from shoes to bags to clothes in discount bins for the hoards of hungry tourists to pick through.