Foot in mouth.

I have a new favorite blog.  Im not usually one to write about other blogs because if I did, then who would read mine!? But since this blog is written by a high school student with a shoe collection that most mothers would dream to have, I figure its an exception to my non-sensical rule. 
Sea of Shoes is written by a Dallas based girl who has a MAJOR shoe addiction.  Along with her dreamy foot-wardrobe, her clothing is a sweet mixture of old and new, designer and otherwise, and is perfectly pieced together.  I really love that she takes pictures of her ultra-fashionable mother, who definitely has a job in the fashion industry or just happens to be one of the most well-dressed mamas I've ever seen.

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Jess and Josh said...

i fucking LOVE this blog. her mom is designer judy aldridge which explains their absurd wardrobes and budgets to finance those wardrobes.