Just another manic panic Monday.

Ugh, you know those days where you have to look super fucking hot? Like, fuck-you-in-the-bathroom-because-I-can't-wait-to-get-you-home hot? Yeah, well, I've got a few of those days coming up, and instead of going out and buying a new outfit, I decided to buy a new outfit for my hair.
Manic Panic has been a good friend of mine since the 5th grade when I decided to go to South Street with my friends and buy turquoise hair dye to dye pieces of our hair. Needless to say, having brown hair made it hard to see, and it ended up looking like army green and washed out in 3 days. But that was the point! Mommy had no idea! And then, when I was in 10th grade, and Julia Tackett had already dyed her hair hot pink (which was obviously what I originally wanted), I called upon Manic Panic's "Blue Velvet" to change up my hair color. 
And here I am again, clearly not an adult yet because while walking down 3rd avenue on my pursuit for  a place to get a cheap manicure, I wandered into Ricky's and bought myself "Raven" hair dye.  Even though my bathtub is a strange shade of green, and my roommate will probably be pissed for months, my hair looks Japanese-fab! And matches my freshly painted black nails. How goth-tastic of me.


Vegetarians Worst Nightmare:

I don't even need to smell it; the THOUGHT of bacon makes my mouth water.  You could wrap bacon on an old gym sock and I would probably consider eating it.  Lets just face it; Bacon makes everything better. So, I wasn't surprised to see a myriad of books and recipes featuring bacon as its main ingredient. I could go on for hours about TasteSpotting, but it definitely speaks for itself.  
Here are few of my favorite:
Forgive me if I'm making you hungry, but these colorful, informative books are two great additions to anyones cook-book library:
Or, you can just go get a whole bunch-a recipes online at NotCots "Bacon" feature.

If you didn't think it was possible, facebook got a little more creepy.

Ok, so we've all accepted the fact that Facebook has started to take over our daily lives.  First with the ever-intrusive "mini-feed" and the "notifications" and then the constant emails popping up on our blackberries telling us who posted what pictures of friday night, or who wrote on who's wall about so and so. Its really becoming ridiculous. 

But just when you think Facebook couldn't possibly ruin your life any more, it HAS with its newest creepy application, "Friends for Sale" 

With "Friends for Sale" friends are allowed to "buy you" for a starting price of about $571.  Once you're purchased, you're that persons "pet" and they can name you and buy you toys.  But, if someone wants to come along and buy you from your pervious owner, they have to cough up more money, because your value goes up with each purchase. I am currently investing in a $26,000 "pet", but I'm still only worth a measly $800, so someone needs to get on their buying game, asap.


Champagne for my real friends.

I love New York City. I really can't get enough of it. I get anxiety when I leave, and butterflies when I come home. I don't mind the subways, the smell of garbage rotting on the side of the streets in mid-summer doesn't even bother me that much.  I don't care that you can't smoke in bars anymore, and the fact that everything is expensive is worth overlooking for all the amazing things about this damn city. 

But the ONE thing I HATE about New York is getting reservations. There are so many goddamn restaurants, why is it that the ones I want to go to either have a 4 month waiting list or a 2 hour wait? "Shall I take your name?" NO I DO NOT WANT TO WAIT OUTSIDE OF PUBLIC FOR AN HOUR ON A SUNDAY IN FEBRUARY FOR AN OVERPRICED BRUNCH. 

But, when I heard about Bobo , I sucked it up, made reservations 3 weeks in advanced, and awaited the day when I could finally eat there. 

When you arrive at Bobo, keep your eyes on the ground, because the entrance is basement level and there is no sign or indication that its the said restaurant.  But once you enter inside, the warm lighting at the bar level, and the light jazz music calms you, and you can put away your Valium.  After you give your name, and the hostess takes your coat, you walk upstairs to the dining area with about 10 tables that looks like the house you grew up in, if you grew up on the upper west side or Chestnut Hill, PA.  The walls are cornflower blue and littered with old black and white photographs.  There's a whole wall of a honey-comb shaped book shelf, filled with books and odds and ends.  I sat next to the fireplace (and Orlando Bloom), which had candles burning in it and who's mantle held pictures of what looks like old family members.  Essentially, the "dining room" is exactly like a dining room you'd find in a brown stone. 

Aside from the gorgeous decor, the staff was wonderful and welcoming; I, of course, asked a million and one questions when it came to wine and food, and our waitress answered with genuine interest and knowledge.  She helped me choose a wine, which ended up being a Bordeaux Blanc, light, crisp and citrus-y, with "floral notes" as she described.  

For appetizers, I had a Jarmon Serrano (Serrano Ham) salad with bitter greens and Quince spread on toast.  Cobe, whom I was dining with, had the mushroom risotto, which was by far the most fantastic risotto I've ever tried; he's still talking about it.  For entree's, I had the ricotta ravioli with winter vegetables (ie: mushrooms) and Cobe had the Sea Bass with blood oranges and endive.  Both of us were in awe at how amazing the meal was.  I'm no food critic but the Ravioli was rich and buttery and absolutely delicious- not for one on weight watchers, thats for sure. We finished off the meal with champagne and a dessert of mango/papaya carpaccio and coconut sorbet. 

Overall, definitely one of the most pleasant dining experiences I've ever had in New York.  The name, which stands for Bohemian and Bourgeoisie, definitely lives up to it giving you both a relaxed and beautiful dining environment with delicious food. 

The have you heard's and the did you know's.

I'm never surprised by the beauty that Danny Weiss captures with his photographs, but i'm always disappointed because there are only so many times I look at the ones he's already posted at his portfolio site. But to alleviate my frustration, Danny has made a blog where he posts more frequently and of more photos. The Great Books Have Been Written  captures the every day life of New York City dwellers, crazies, flora and fauna.  Err.. Scenery.
What I love about this blog as opposed to the many that just take crappy photos of the people I see every day, is that Danny travels all over New York and captures through a lens what most people never notice.  Its refreshing to see someone who cares about taking photos of something other than a party scene and 20-something kids that go to NYU.
Take the time to go through his pictures; its interesting to see what another person finds beautiful. 


Ear Candy.

New Artists that I kind-of enjoy listening to: (these may not be new for anyone  but me, by the way)

1. Vampire Weekend (Kind-of dance-y shit)
2. The Virgins (I think I like their name more than their music)
3. Girl in a Coma (Saw these people at Morrissey, and they sucked live, but I like them now.. Angst-y girly shit)
4. Band of Horses (Like 80's music, but for 2008)
5. I'm from Barcelona (More dance-y shit!!!)
6. Bat for Lashes (Weird.)
7. El Perro Del Mar (This is mostly because I have a major girl crush on the lead singer)
8. Bon Iver (Thanks, Coup.) 
9. The Books (Thanks, Griff.)
and duh...
10. LCD Soundsystem.. because no top artists list of mine is complete without James Murphy. 


I like a girl with caked up make-up.


Mother-fucking Chanel cell phone...my life isn't complete till I get one.
Copying the likes of Armani and Prada, who have recently ventured into the cell phone market, Chanel does the same with this little beauty.  All I know so far is that it has a hidden screen and keyboard, and its pretty much the coolest piece of technology I've ever seen.
Oh, the hand-jobs that I'd give for this cell phone. 

Unfortunately, this is just a design idea; no news as to whether or not this will be on the market anytime soon... as I find out more, I'll post it, because I know all you blood-thirsty, die-hard Chanel addicts are drooling.


Get with the program!

Surely the best thing to come out of San Francisco since medical marijuana, Alexander Wang is the only new designer you'll find
in my closet. If you're an avid shopper, I'm positive you've seen this guy popping up all over Barneys Co-op, Mick Margo, and other small boutiques all over New York City. Straight out of Parsons, this 23 year old designer has worked for some of the greats; interning at Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, and Vogue, before starting his collection as a sophomore in college.
If you haven't already checked out his new collection, you can see it at Shopbop, La Garconne, Barneys Co-Op and Net-a-Porter..

And if you dig it, don't wait around, because his shit fly's off the racks like hot cakes.


Forget english, talk body language.

Compliments of Hayley:

What to get the man who has everything:

As listed on the side of the blog, where the rest of my links are, is my new favorite website. Uncrate, "the buyers guide for men", is truly the best website for obscure, new products for men.  They call it that mostly because it focus's on new electronics, masculine furniture, good music, guys clothing and ANYTHING beer related.  But, I find the products/services they list to be fascinating for any gender and therefore I read it every day.  Oh, and thats another plus; they update it everyday with multiple posts, so you basically get fresh material whenever you check it. 

Plus, the writers of the blog are hilarious and their commentary is always amusing. 


History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.

So, I think after living in Manhattan for about 3 years, I've done a fair share of fine and otherwise dining and The Little Owl has been my most pleasant dining experience yet.  With that in mind, be wary of the fact that its like a 3 month waiting list, unless you happen to wander in on a night where they're 2 "unreserved tables" are open.  
The menu is a mixture of French, Mediterranean and American foods, with seasonal specials like the risotto which, occasionally they ship in white truffles from Italy to be shaved on top (for a meager additional $30..) I wish I hadn't been such a pussy and ordered the Colorado Lamb T-bone which my date had.. and it turned out to be absolutely heavenly with the perfect combination of goat cheese gnocchi and a citrus-y watercress and onion salad.  I instead had the crispy chicken, which was equally delicious but extremely heavy, with whipped mashed potatoes covered with sherry and dijon. 
The meal was incredible, but the atmosphere was also something worth writing home about; perfectly lit, small tables, and big open windows.  The service was excellent, and the wine! oh the wine was wonderful. I don't even know what I drank, because I went with a french man and he ordered all the wines.  But overall, it was a great experience and I hope one day to go back... thus far, I haven't been able to get a reservation till the end of March.


Femme Fatale.

Ah, Valentines day. As my marketing teacher would say, yet another holiday for companies everywhere to boost up sales right before the quarter ends and a Hallmark holiday to boot. But, regardless, its become a day to celebrate love and whatever the fuck else, and a mass murder of red roses. 
I've always been a fan of giving guys lingerie; you can't really go wrong with leather and lace. And there is no better place else to go to on Valentines day than Kiki De Montparnasse. Aside from having definitely the most expensive collection of vibrators and dildos, Kiki is also known for having the most luxurious of fabrics in their lingerie collections.  From silk bras, to cashmere underwear, to alligator restraining kits and 14k gold vibrators... it definitely brings out the "fuck" in someone. 
Don't believe me? Go visit the store in Soho, right off of Green and Spring streets.  When you walk in the lighting is low and sultry, the woman who work there are all gorgeous and wear the lingerie around the store like clothing (not showing too much skin, of course) but the dressing rooms are the best part; like what I would imagine arabian tents to look like, dark blue velvet and when you get inside, you have the option of "before", "during" and "after" sex lighting.  There's a bench for whomever you've brought with you (boyfriend, boss, mistress, your boyfriends boss, whatever) to sit and enjoy the view and a fan full of peacock feathers for.. well, who knows what for, but its cool.
Your purchases are all kept confidential, so if you're wondering what Dylan McDermott bought for his someone special, don't even bother asking 'cause they won't tell! Kiki also boasts a collection of beautiful coffee table books, fine jewelry, silk bedding and a number of other tasteful kinky things.  Check out the website, and someone buy me those handcuffs!


Space case.

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, the best thing about school was field-trips. Fuck recess, fuck lunch, FUCK gym, and so on. But when you walked into school that one morning where you had a FIELD trip, it was as if all of a sudden someone had taken off the handcuffs of middle school and you were allowed to roam free wherever it was you were going. 

My favorite field trips included the Philadelphia Mutter Museum, which, if you've never been, make sure not to go on a full stomach. When you walk in, you can instantly feel the eerie ambiance- but its not until you go downstairs that you realize why... Shrunken heads, babies in jars, pickled pigs feels and skeletons fill the room. The Mutter Museums mantra is "disturbingly informative" and you'll find that its just that. 

Another one of my favorites is the Franklin Institute. I don't know if i can begin to explain all that the FI has to offer, but as a teenager, I'd find myself tripping on acid in the incredible Omniverse theatre which is a bubble entirely surrounded by a screen.  They film movies especially for the theatre and it is so incredible that you feel like you're actually moving.
There's also a giant human heart that you can walk through- and it makes a loud thumping sound like its beating. I know this all sounds majorly whacky, but its more fun than I can explain.