I'm in Love with Love.

Boy, do I have the biggest Girl crush ever! I went to Pamela Love's exhibition during fashion week to unveil her newest jewelry collection and it was just to die for, much like she is.  The collection, which features mammoth tusks in some of the limited edition pieces, is very raw and natural, lots of metals and leathers and ivory (?).  Pamela Love herself is absolutely stunning, with the most gorgeous crazy curly hair and smokey eyes.  I died for both her and her collection.  What was really cool about her presentation was that she created these little tents with old leather chairs, candle wax, dream catchers which created an almost eerie ambiance.  My love, Ethan, and his band Lost Boys played a short acoustic set over the fashion-chatter and the Patron drunk visitors. 

Photo: Garance Dore, Refinery29

Whats all the commotion?

My postings have been weak lately, and like every bad decision I've made in the past few weeks, I blame it on fashion week.  But now that its over I guess its time to get back with the program.  I'm absolutely dying over this jacket that I am waiting to arrive in the mail for me.  I've always wanted a leather bomber, and the rabbit fur just makes it even more special.  Not to mention, it will go perfectly with just about everything I've ever owned.