There are things you begin to forget when you've been here this long.

IM SUCH A BAD LITTLE BLOGGER. Have been on vacation (yes, Im so fucking tan) and writing for a magazine so I'm finding trouble writing for my blog, which is my favorite thing to write for! 
Anyway, my birthday is coming up and for my birthday dinner I've decided on a place called Max, an incredible little restaurant specializing in seafood/italian food.  Not to mention their excellent pitchers of Sangria ($26).  The best thing about this joint? You can sit outside under the night sky and smoke cigarettes while enjoying your meal.  


People try and hide the night underneath the covers.

Obscura could not be more accurate, for when you find yourself entering into this store filled with odds and ends of another era, you cant help but understand the given name. Obscura Antiques, located on 280 E. 10th street (between first avenue and avenue A), is filled with natural curiosities such as skeletons, drawers filled with dried, dead bugs, birds hung in glass cases and the list goes on.  They even have a collection of victorian clothing that dates back as early as the 1870's and old notebooks filled with god knows what. 
Be sure to check out the store, and also come check out their exhibit in Earnest Sewn's back room.


The love's to love the love's to love the love's to love...

I have seen Van Morrison a grand total of 3 times in my life; once when I was very young, and I barely remember, once when Max and I went, and just recently again with my father at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia.  The man is barely 5 feet tall, never shows his face, wears a bowler hat and a navy suit always and doesn't ever address the audience but puts on a pretty amazing performance playing instruments ranging from a mandolin to a harmonica.  

Anyway, he often uses a phrase in his lyrics, "jelly-roll".  Thanks to google.com, I finally found out that jelly-roll is not a fruit/bread rolled snack, but in fact a jazz singer, Jelly Roll Morton.  The dixie-land, ragtime musician, born in downtown New Orleans, considered himself the "Originator of Jazz" according to his business card. Take a listen to the youtube video I posted below; its no wonder Van references him so often.. his voice is like butter.