The love's to love the love's to love the love's to love...

I have seen Van Morrison a grand total of 3 times in my life; once when I was very young, and I barely remember, once when Max and I went, and just recently again with my father at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia.  The man is barely 5 feet tall, never shows his face, wears a bowler hat and a navy suit always and doesn't ever address the audience but puts on a pretty amazing performance playing instruments ranging from a mandolin to a harmonica.  

Anyway, he often uses a phrase in his lyrics, "jelly-roll".  Thanks to google.com, I finally found out that jelly-roll is not a fruit/bread rolled snack, but in fact a jazz singer, Jelly Roll Morton.  The dixie-land, ragtime musician, born in downtown New Orleans, considered himself the "Originator of Jazz" according to his business card. Take a listen to the youtube video I posted below; its no wonder Van references him so often.. his voice is like butter.

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