Lets put out heads together.

Collaboration is the new black. Pop-up shops are the new black. Everyone is getting wildly creative with ways to sell, sell, sell in an economy that is struggling to keep heads above water. The Cheap Monday's pop-up shop on Lafayette is apparently a huge success, and the buzz about Gaps collab with Alex Wang (my fav) and Vena Cava (my other fav) is not dying down and its still weeks away from stores. 

I can't decide how I feel about the almost all-khaki designs since I'm not much of a khaki person anyway. But even still, I can't help but fall victim to kind-of wanting the cute motorcycle-esque jacket (a la Wang) and the egyptian/geometric print dress (a la VC).  So the question is, how do I get my hands on them without the line and the fuss? 
Le sigh.


Excuse my french

My french is terrible, lets face it. I try, I really do. I even just invested in Rosetta stone (and by that, I mean I burnt a copy of a friends). But my favorite french is the dirty slang that you can't learn in a classroom. Visit this website to learn how to say funny sexy french stuff. 

And if you want even more french, check out Purple-Diary for sexy pictures like the one posted above, except a lot more explicit. Olivier Zahm is a genius in his own rite and I love him and all his work madly.

Ebay is soul saving

When I got over the shoes posted below, I went on to ebay to see if I could find some good summer platforms. After a simple search for Floral Shoes, I found these amazing sandals and bought them immediately. Unfortunately, they're a size 4, so they MAY be handed down to my lovely Canadian friend Emma, who's feet are pixie small. But until they come and I cinderella-them, they're looking like my new favorite pair of shoes. 
Moral of the story? Its a recession, kids. Get yer ass on ebay.


Waiting for somebody exciting like you..

My newest song obsession, enjoi.

Summer shoes I'd sell my soul for:

Just took my last final of the season, and to punish myself for not studying enough, I decided to go to Barney's to check out all the shit I can't afford. That is.. until I get my tax refund check...
Drool on..........

Pierre Hardy, $960

Balenciaga, $1,295

Costume National, $580

Bottega Veneta, $1,290

Robert Clergerie, $375


Safest drug alive.

I guess people who make applications have a lot of time on their hands and have done their fair share of street drugs to boot. Of course I found it necessary to post this new app that I found called iSnort.  What a nice alternative to our favorite white lady. Enjoy.