The skin of your yellow country teeth.

 I don't see why anyone would actually need a crystal skull head filled with vodka, but that doesn't mean I don't WANT one.  Crystal Head Vodka has married a morbid icon with a morbid drink, and the result is stunning.  Endorsed by former Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd, this triple diamond filtered Newfoundland pure spirit vodka is packaged in a glass skull and apparently is pretty smooth but not the smoothest vodka on the market.  I guess the gimmick is mostly that the skull bottle can be kept forever since its just as much decor as it a container to hold your booze. 

Up on the roof, with the whole world at your feet.

I have survived midterm hell and I promise to be posting more, so those of you who once read my blog consistently, PLEASE READ ON!
I stumbled across a website today that really struck my fancy; partly because I've never heard of most of the designers, and partly because the prices were disgustingly cheap for the gorgeous design work.  The store/website Pixie Market is as cute as its name, offering awesome shoes, dresses, jackets and more for a surprisingly reasonable price.  The store locations on Stanton between Orchard and Ludlow (and one in LA) must be pretty well hidden because I've never came across it while poking around the LES but I'm definitely going to check it out.  
The online site is surprisingly easy to use but it looks like the clothing sells out quickly, meaning, go buy some sweet stuff asap! 


Your skin is something I stir into my tea.

Ahh, and here we are again.  Suddenly, you have to wear a coat every day, layers are necessary, and you've definitely misplaced all your scarves since last march.  Instead of rummaging through your closet, just go out and buy one from Yokoo. These awesome, chunky knit "scarves" are not what you'd expect from your average winter accessory; the designs are practically works of art structured like architecture instead of a pashamina.  While the one listed above may not be the most practical, its definitely the most fun, but check out the other ones.  Did I mention they're affordable? ($50-$150) 



Its been my experience to fall in love with a band and decide that no other music is worth listening to. Well, this was most definitely the case when I stumbled across the brilliance that is Neutral Milk Hotels - In an Aeroplane Over the Sea. After not thinking about the record for a while, I found myself dreaming about the album recently and purchased it on vinyl and yes, its as amazing as you probably imagine. And while Jeff Mangum continues to disappoint me without even the semblance of a possibility of a reunion, at least there's comfort in knowing that I will always have this album (now on vinyl) to remind of the love I have for this band.
Merge has a bundle package for sale with On Avery Island 33 1/3's Neutral Milk Hotel Book.