Coming out on top.

Living in New York opens up countless possibilities and endless collaborations, much like the one going on this Saturday at Rental gallery in Chinatown. December 12th marks the opening of the Still House exhibit featuring the works of young emerging artists in the new art scene. Featuring all types of mediums from sculpture, mix media, illustration, film, etc, the diverse group compliments each others work with the raw nature of their talents. Possessing each a unique aesthetic and representation, this group is sure to be something to look out for.

Opening ceremony starts this month on the 12th at 7pm at 120 East Broadway (Rental gallery) and will stay up till January 30th, 2010.

Check out the Still House website at EnterStillHouse.com


I'm in Love with Love.

Boy, do I have the biggest Girl crush ever! I went to Pamela Love's exhibition during fashion week to unveil her newest jewelry collection and it was just to die for, much like she is.  The collection, which features mammoth tusks in some of the limited edition pieces, is very raw and natural, lots of metals and leathers and ivory (?).  Pamela Love herself is absolutely stunning, with the most gorgeous crazy curly hair and smokey eyes.  I died for both her and her collection.  What was really cool about her presentation was that she created these little tents with old leather chairs, candle wax, dream catchers which created an almost eerie ambiance.  My love, Ethan, and his band Lost Boys played a short acoustic set over the fashion-chatter and the Patron drunk visitors. 

Photo: Garance Dore, Refinery29

Whats all the commotion?

My postings have been weak lately, and like every bad decision I've made in the past few weeks, I blame it on fashion week.  But now that its over I guess its time to get back with the program.  I'm absolutely dying over this jacket that I am waiting to arrive in the mail for me.  I've always wanted a leather bomber, and the rabbit fur just makes it even more special.  Not to mention, it will go perfectly with just about everything I've ever owned. 


I. Die.

I have loved these Surface to Air shoes for like, EVER. They're only $425 and my thought is that I would totally get a lot of use out of them.  I recently purchased a pair of Chanel wedges on ebay that are too big for me, and I'm starting to get bored with my current selection of shoes. Maybe these should be part of my fall look for 2009. Thoughts?


Chairlift up for MTV Video award!!!!!!!!!

 Chairlift has had a fucking good year for a new band.  When I met them back in September, they had just gotten word on the use of their song, Bruises, for an iPod commercial which has launched a myriad of success for them and general fame.  And now, their AWESOME video for Evident Utensil off of their baby album, Does You Inspire You, directed by Ray Tintori is up for an MTV Video Award for Best Breakthrough video.  

Blonde on Blonde.

Are you having a bad day? Do you need cheering up? Do you like music? and clever puns? Ethan Silverman of Silverhawk Management and Chris Taylor of beloved indie band Grizzly Bear, have put their heads (and hair) together and formed Terrible Records.  Besides being two of the hottest blonde babes I know, they're mutual love for creating and discovering music has lead to forming the label which will put out 7inch vinyl featuring one song by one artist on one side, and another song by another artist on the other. Woah. Like their unreleased Arthur Russell song and Taylor's solo project, CANT, for their first release, you can imagine the other gems that will come out of this partnership.  Check out their blog for Ethan's clever musings about whatever he finds relevant to the music scene, announcements about the label or just general hilarity. 


Earth Angel.

I was window-shopping on the internet and I came across my friend Jess (and Josh's) blog which I used to read all the time because it was funny and clever and they're both very angry young people. But she had this to say about Olivia Bee's flickr page and I'm totally fighting back tears in my office; "They remind me of being young and in love. I’m still young and I’m still in love (do we ever really fall out of it?) but one doesn’t hurt at all and one always, always does."

And now I'm wondering why there is a constant reoccuring theme in my life based on young love and all the purity that surrounds this concept. Maybe I'm not the only one who feels this way. Anyway, the pictures are beautiful and dreamy, check them out.

Im a survivor.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've had an obsession with survival kits. I used to make them out of empty shoe boxes and first aid kits and put everything from socks to mini shampoo bottles in them. The obsession didn't get any better when I read Steven Kings novel The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. A stray from his usual horror stories, this novel is about a girl who gets lost in the woods and listens to baseball to keep herself motivated to live and be found. Anyway, needless to say, I've been looking for the perfect little first aid kit, and I think I found the best: Lifeline Ultralight Survival kit is $15 and has everything you need to make it in the great outdoors. Taking up about as much room as a buncha postcards, the kit includes waterproof matches, an 80" x 50" emergency blanket, 50 ft. of fishing line with four hooks and sinker weights, a surgical blade, five wound closure strips, a map compass, emergency whistle, three feet of duct tape, and more, all in an included waterproof carrying case. I would add water purifying pills and a nail file, and then you can be on your way.

Nothing like a good home cooked meal.

Even though I don't have a family, nor do I have trouble feeding myself on work nights, I love the concept and execution behind Susie's Supper Club. Susie, who started out as a private chef for a family with 3 kids, has learned how to make natural delicious meals with various proteins that healthy and well portioned! And they deliver it to your door. In general, if it can be delivered, I love it. All you have to do it call up a day in advance, put in your order either by phone or online and they delivery it for dinner the next day. Did I mention they also have picnic meals prepared? SWOON.


Sweet little 16

Its that time of year again! The WONDERFUL time of year in which I celebrate my birth with my loved ones. My birthday.  Since I'll be turning 22, and I will no longer have to be the youngest of my friends with the exception of Emily and Natalie Galpern, I compiled a list of important gifts for 22 year old women.. Should to decide to purchase one of these, I will weep with joy and probably go home with you. Happy shoppings.

I figured I need not bother listing the price, you know it'll be expensive. 

Saint James Minquiers Shirt from MickMargo.com, size small

Chloe Sevigny boots for Opening Ceremony from Shopbop.com, size 36

Alexander Wang Shirt Dress from LaGarconne.com (size 0 or 2)

Acne Joan Gold Shirt from Creaturesofcomfort.us, size 38

Proenza Schouler Optic Sunglasses designed by my friend Alejandro Cardenas
Kay, I tried to include things that were under $300 it was difficult.  Its hard having such expensive tastes. 


Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Its almost as if God looked down upon the dirty streets of New York, looked into my hazy, stoned eyes and said, "Its your party, you can cry if you want to", and dangled this little gem in front of my face, laughing at its ridiculous price tag and the moths in my wallet. Hey, its my birthday, and I can dream if I want to.

Rather haunting and gothic, Delfina Delettrez's "Hand Bracelet" is the ultimate piece of unconventional hand-candy. Made of silver, gold and (my birthstone) ruby, each skeletal finger has a ring to put your own fingers through. And the joints are hinged to actually imitate your own fingers. Its like wearing your bones on the outside, if your bones were silver and gold and worth $8,310.00.

Guys, if its not too much to ask, this is what I want for my birthday. Thanks!


Bolivian Marching Powder.

If you know me, you are well aware of my love for all things fuzzy. Anything that is fuzzy, even if its so-ugly-its-cute fuzzy, I want to put it in my pocket and carry it around. But this creature that popped up on YouTube.com recently is the end of my search for finding the cutest, most fuzzy thing on earth. So feast your eyes on the puppydog caterpillar. I can hardly see the computer screen through my tears of joy.


Seance on a wet afternoon.

EVA's relocation to the 2400 square foot atelier/design studio on theBowery marks the re-birth of one of the most innovative retail locations in New York. Home to designers you'll have trouble finding elsewhere, EVA blurs the lines between fashion and art with owner and friend Stephanie Pappas' choice in clothing and the revolving installations of mixed media artists. From former location on Mulberry street to new home on the Bowery where it has become a welcome exstenion of the growing neighborhoood, EVA carries the likes of Threeasfour (NY),Stine Goya (Copenhagen), Rodebjer (Sweden), and Pamela Love (NY). In addition to the opening, Pappas is collaborating with jewelry designer Victoria Simes on her line, Saltalamacchia, and welcoming Kelly Andrews to the team to further establish EVA's minimalist vision.

Keep your ear to the ground.

With a pseudonym like Class Actress, you can bet that Elizabeth Harper puts on a damn good show. Her classic beauty and unique style fit in perfectly with her pop-vocals and synthy-electro beats. Check out her Myspace page here and be on the lookout for this pop-princess in the making.


Art and War.

Artist, friend and fellow cat-lover Alejandro Cardenas is certainly a man to be followed. As a graduate of the prestigious art school, Cooper Union, Cardenas is a renaissance man in every sense of the term. Aside from being the art director and print-designer at the beloved Proenza Schouler, he has just returned from his maiden voyage to art Basel in Switzerland where his art debuted for the first time. Check out the interview that he did for the insider where he shares his thoughts on music, clothing and favorite local eateries. And his love for his two kittehs, Who and If...


Our founding fathers.

Fathers day is coming up! And to me that means that Hallmark gets away with yet another bullshit holiday. But unlike Mothers day, where you know you must honor your mother or face nasty phone calls about not sending her flowers, Fathers day you can get away with the bare minimum. Like a macaroni and finger paint picture.

If you're a little bit more creative and Dad's into music, mix CDs are the best home-made gifts around. They're thoughtful, can be made into anthologies with multiple discs and I bet there are at least 5 indie artists you can imagine your dad rocking out to in his suit on the way to the office. (MGMT? Grizzly Bear? Yeasayer?) 

But if you're down on options, and dad doesn't like music, GroomingLounge.com has answered your prayers with the "My Dad's a Disaster" Fathers days kit. It comes with nose hair trimmers, talcum powder and fingernail clippers to beautify even the most schlubbish daddy's. 

Or if you want to kick it up a notch, a "Daddy's Girl" tattoo on your ass never fails.  

Looking for the magic.

Stumbling upon hidden little gems is the best form of discovery in Manhattan. Wether it be a vintage store or a hidden little cafe, there is an endless supply of untapped findings. For example, I was strolling along in Nolita the other day and I came across a storefront that looked nearly empty; clean white walls and floors with nothing but a blue velvet couch and shoes lining the walls. Thinking that I had found yet another pop-up shop, I walked in, only to find that it was a shoe store for the label Kathryn Amberleigh. 

I would normally expect a small store to have more in the way of decor but the shoes spoke for themselves.  Sophisticated but stylish, Kathryn Amberleigh has incorporated good design and materials with a fairly inexpensive price tag. The sandals were priced around $145 and the heels around $215, making them just what you want to pay for a seasonal shoe.  I especially loved the wedges which were made of stacked leather and are the most comfortable 5'' I've worn in a while. 

Be sure to check out the website and the new store at 219 Mott Street, between Prince and Spring. 

They tried to make me go to rehab...

Ugh, I am the first to admit that my biggest guilty pleasure on the iPod is Amy Winehouse. I can go days where I listen to her songs on repeat until I start tricking myself into thinking that smoking can do wonders for your vocal chords. Alas, I know this is not true, and its tragic to see a waste of such immense talent due to prolonged drug use. But at least some people are banking on it!

As you all know, collabs are the new black, so its no surprise that british clothing line, PPQ, is working on something with the wino we all know and love. And since she's dropped off the face of the performing earth, I guess she'll have plenty of time on her hands to get it off the ground.

In the meantime, please enjoy these gag-gifts that other have designed in honor of Ms. Winehouse. I especially love the jewel encrusted tampon and the heroin+cocaine salt+pepper shakers.




Chairlift Bruises Video!

Check out my babes in action! 

For the thrill of the chase.

Everyone loves a good chase. Car chases, chasing after boys, chasing after girls, chasing after boys chasing after other girls. But Rachel Nasvik took it to the next level with her Alice Bond's bag project where she's placing 96 bags all over Manhattan for lucky babes (or dudes) to find them, stuffed with your morning after kits and some other goodies. The catch? DUH. YOU HAVE TO FIND THEM. So far they've been sighted at Schillers, Cabin and Black+White.  

Happy huntings!


Lets put out heads together.

Collaboration is the new black. Pop-up shops are the new black. Everyone is getting wildly creative with ways to sell, sell, sell in an economy that is struggling to keep heads above water. The Cheap Monday's pop-up shop on Lafayette is apparently a huge success, and the buzz about Gaps collab with Alex Wang (my fav) and Vena Cava (my other fav) is not dying down and its still weeks away from stores. 

I can't decide how I feel about the almost all-khaki designs since I'm not much of a khaki person anyway. But even still, I can't help but fall victim to kind-of wanting the cute motorcycle-esque jacket (a la Wang) and the egyptian/geometric print dress (a la VC).  So the question is, how do I get my hands on them without the line and the fuss? 
Le sigh.


Excuse my french

My french is terrible, lets face it. I try, I really do. I even just invested in Rosetta stone (and by that, I mean I burnt a copy of a friends). But my favorite french is the dirty slang that you can't learn in a classroom. Visit this website to learn how to say funny sexy french stuff. 

And if you want even more french, check out Purple-Diary for sexy pictures like the one posted above, except a lot more explicit. Olivier Zahm is a genius in his own rite and I love him and all his work madly.

Ebay is soul saving

When I got over the shoes posted below, I went on to ebay to see if I could find some good summer platforms. After a simple search for Floral Shoes, I found these amazing sandals and bought them immediately. Unfortunately, they're a size 4, so they MAY be handed down to my lovely Canadian friend Emma, who's feet are pixie small. But until they come and I cinderella-them, they're looking like my new favorite pair of shoes. 
Moral of the story? Its a recession, kids. Get yer ass on ebay.


Waiting for somebody exciting like you..

My newest song obsession, enjoi.

Summer shoes I'd sell my soul for:

Just took my last final of the season, and to punish myself for not studying enough, I decided to go to Barney's to check out all the shit I can't afford. That is.. until I get my tax refund check...
Drool on..........

Pierre Hardy, $960

Balenciaga, $1,295

Costume National, $580

Bottega Veneta, $1,290

Robert Clergerie, $375


Safest drug alive.

I guess people who make applications have a lot of time on their hands and have done their fair share of street drugs to boot. Of course I found it necessary to post this new app that I found called iSnort.  What a nice alternative to our favorite white lady. Enjoy.


The flora and the fauna

I've known Cacharel for a while as a classic french brand that kind of went under the radar a few years back.  But whoever is heading Cacharel these days is making big moves in the form of floral wonderfulness, bringing back their vintage floral prints. 
Cacharel teamed up with Aloha Rag to celebrate their 50th anniversary to bring you a gorgeous small collection of summer staples in the form of floral dresses, shorts, button downs, tanks and accessories.  The print is simple enough to be worn layered but pretty enough to be worn with a plain pair of sandals and off to the beach. I especially cannot stop thinking about how perfect the floral tote would be in my wardrobe. Yum. 


This shit is bananas.

Ok ok, I've been staring at this thing for hours and I've finally decided, I am enough of a nerd to write a blog about it. Having naturally kind-of frizzy, very wavy long hair has left me many mornings debating whether to run out of the apt with my hair dripping down my back or to attempt to "blow dry" it and end up with a hot mess that doesn't subside till the next morning.

Defusers are nice, but don't quite do the trick. I have a feeling that despite the fact that this looks a bit strange, it would do exactly what it claims to do, which is "dry curls gently without over-heating".

And if it doesn't, you've just spent $185 on a green banana hand.. attached to a blow dryer.

I swear you get smarter the shorter your skirt gets.

You probably like making fun of hipsters. You probably are a hipster. Did you try to pick me up last week, offering to buy me that $1.50 Tecate at Enids?

Give yourself 10 cool-points to every person you've slept with on this blog.

All you've got to do is smile

Don't bother going to the website of "The Smile" because it wont clue you in to its charming secrets. But if you find yourself at 26 Bond street, located below ground level between Bowery and Lafayette, you'll discover you might not want to leave.

What looks like the love child of Earnest Sewn and Freeman's restaurant is actually a concept store, or a "general store", with a lunch menu and various products that fit the aesthetic such as Santa Maria Novello and "Wool and the Gang" products.

I promise you wont be able to find the menu listed anywhere but you wont be disappointed with the selection featuring specials every day and fresh ingredients from local farmers and manufacturers. Unfortunately, they've yet to be granted a liquor license, but you can expect dinner with wine and beer in the near future. In the mean time, go down to The Smile, hang out, eat, drink and buy.


Paint the town

Crayon rings? Duh I want these. Im just scared of all the things i'll accidentally color on.


Fools rush in.

During band practice with the Death Core 3 the other day, Natalie brought up this song on YouTube for inspiration. And we all sobbed while Patti Page put our raspy voices to shame. So, enjoy.


New York, you're perfect. Dont please, don't change a thing.

I think we all get this feeling of nostalgia when the weather warms and the suns out in my favorite city.  Girls start showing a little skin, guys start skateboarding on the street and we all start to visit Brooklyn a whole lot more. And although its not really that time of year YET, I'm starting to get antsy. 

Interview New York is a social project that knows New Yorkers are the craziest bunch of people around so they've taken it upon themselves to start a project in which they want to interview and publish everyone in the city.  The questions?

1. What are you proud of?
2. What are you scared of?
3. What gives you hope?

The interviews are to be conducted on video and emailed to cameron@interviewnewyork.com.
They're going to pick people from the videos they get to be photographed and then published in a book that will be launched in the summer.  

What have you got to lose?


One if by land, two if by sea.

I've always dreamed of going on a whirlwind vacation, packing only the essentials in a Goyard suitcase and jumping on a jet to some fantasy island.  Unfortunately there are plenty of things wrong with this picture: a. Ain't no one wisking me away to Ibiza. b. Goyard? Please.

But if you're in the market for some seriously stylish luggage and can't fork out the 4 or 5 digit price tags, then check out Steamline Luggage. The company has several different lines featuring unique and classic designs.  The Aviator series is reminiscent of Amelia Earhart where the Explorer series looks like something straight from "Out of Africa".  

The best part? The prices start at $180 and don't go over $500. Which means a stylish carry-on will run you $260, a piece that you'll likely have your whole life.  Check out the website for more styles and options. 


With candy like this, who needs bags?

Where I am still waiting for my "a-ha" moment, I often find something online that makes me wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?". Chanel LollyPops? Come on, Miranda, that was too easy. But no. I didn't think of it. Someone else did. Along with Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton lollypops too. They're so cute, I bet you're thinking, "It was SUCK to finish this". 

Sorry, I had to.


I spend the entire day looking at This Dudes website.  It looks totally amateur, which it is, but if you read his bio, hes like, the coolest guy ever and has dedicated his life to learning about weird animals.  So, if you have some free time, which I clearly do, then check it out. There are hundreds of pictures of starfish, seals and other adorable creatures. 


Like father, like son.

My darling friend Moises is by far a one of a kind.  Besides being the son of famed designer Oscar de la Renta, he lives a life untouched by fame, opting to prowl the streets at crazy hours, rather than attend society's finest events.  With a tattoo of a lightning bolt on his ear and always dressed to the nines, Moises lives in a league of his own.  
But one can never stray too far from their roots, err, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, right? MDLR is proof of this, Moises first collection of women's ready-to-wear.  Filled with exactly what an uptown girl meets downtown boy should wear, the cohesive first collection features gorgeous shift dresses, printed tops, geometric accessories and a leather jacket that gives mike and chris a run for their money with detachable sleeves and gold hardware. 
Im putting in my order as soon as the samples come back from Italy! 


Feeling utterly uninspired.

Sorry I haven't updated. To be honest, all I feel like writing about these days is the lack of things to write about.  I guess the only exciting thing in my life is my new obsession with Alexander Wang's hot pink blazer for $800.  Unfortunately, me (along with the rest of manhattan) has no money so its completely out of the question....
I start prostituting myself out, sell my shoe collection and computer, become a drug dealer or get a job. 


Never let you go

Why is it that every year Chloe turns out another incredible batch of shoes that I can't afford but covet more than the air I breathe? 
I will continue asking myself this question while I drool over these new shoes, for a cool $753.
Is it just me or as the economy collapses, luxury items just keep getting more and more expensive?


Sometime when I was in my senior year of high school, I went into Saks in Philadelphia in search of a prom dress.  I happen to find myself on the 2nd floor where all the designer dresses and clothing reside.  Whilst rummaging through the sales racks, I found a Stella McCartney chain-link dress that I will never forget.  The gorgeous chain shoulders with chain fringe and satin lining.  The entire thing was in poor condition (not to mention, it weighed 40lbs) and it was on SALE sale, but alas, I never purchased it.  Looking back, I kick myself....
ANYWAY, if anyone knows anything about this dress, please let me know.  I just would love a picture or something about it for my memory. I have searched google far and wide and still nothing. 


twenty four little hours, brought the sun and the flowers where there used to be rain

I know its freezing outside.  This is why I curse the fashion world for resort collections and the WAY too premature unraveling of spring collections.  But like a bad car accident, you can't help but look.  So while I was killing time between classes, I stumbled across this pretty little tank top that will be in my wardrobe for spring 2009.  


I like this designer.  Its leather, tulle and neon.  What's not to like?