Our founding fathers.

Fathers day is coming up! And to me that means that Hallmark gets away with yet another bullshit holiday. But unlike Mothers day, where you know you must honor your mother or face nasty phone calls about not sending her flowers, Fathers day you can get away with the bare minimum. Like a macaroni and finger paint picture.

If you're a little bit more creative and Dad's into music, mix CDs are the best home-made gifts around. They're thoughtful, can be made into anthologies with multiple discs and I bet there are at least 5 indie artists you can imagine your dad rocking out to in his suit on the way to the office. (MGMT? Grizzly Bear? Yeasayer?) 

But if you're down on options, and dad doesn't like music, GroomingLounge.com has answered your prayers with the "My Dad's a Disaster" Fathers days kit. It comes with nose hair trimmers, talcum powder and fingernail clippers to beautify even the most schlubbish daddy's. 

Or if you want to kick it up a notch, a "Daddy's Girl" tattoo on your ass never fails.  

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