Blonde on Blonde.

Are you having a bad day? Do you need cheering up? Do you like music? and clever puns? Ethan Silverman of Silverhawk Management and Chris Taylor of beloved indie band Grizzly Bear, have put their heads (and hair) together and formed Terrible Records.  Besides being two of the hottest blonde babes I know, they're mutual love for creating and discovering music has lead to forming the label which will put out 7inch vinyl featuring one song by one artist on one side, and another song by another artist on the other. Woah. Like their unreleased Arthur Russell song and Taylor's solo project, CANT, for their first release, you can imagine the other gems that will come out of this partnership.  Check out their blog for Ethan's clever musings about whatever he finds relevant to the music scene, announcements about the label or just general hilarity. 

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