Sweet little 16

Its that time of year again! The WONDERFUL time of year in which I celebrate my birth with my loved ones. My birthday.  Since I'll be turning 22, and I will no longer have to be the youngest of my friends with the exception of Emily and Natalie Galpern, I compiled a list of important gifts for 22 year old women.. Should to decide to purchase one of these, I will weep with joy and probably go home with you. Happy shoppings.

I figured I need not bother listing the price, you know it'll be expensive. 

Saint James Minquiers Shirt from MickMargo.com, size small

Chloe Sevigny boots for Opening Ceremony from Shopbop.com, size 36

Alexander Wang Shirt Dress from LaGarconne.com (size 0 or 2)

Acne Joan Gold Shirt from Creaturesofcomfort.us, size 38

Proenza Schouler Optic Sunglasses designed by my friend Alejandro Cardenas
Kay, I tried to include things that were under $300 it was difficult.  Its hard having such expensive tastes. 

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