The have you heard's and the did you know's.

I'm never surprised by the beauty that Danny Weiss captures with his photographs, but i'm always disappointed because there are only so many times I look at the ones he's already posted at his portfolio site. But to alleviate my frustration, Danny has made a blog where he posts more frequently and of more photos. The Great Books Have Been Written  captures the every day life of New York City dwellers, crazies, flora and fauna.  Err.. Scenery.
What I love about this blog as opposed to the many that just take crappy photos of the people I see every day, is that Danny travels all over New York and captures through a lens what most people never notice.  Its refreshing to see someone who cares about taking photos of something other than a party scene and 20-something kids that go to NYU.
Take the time to go through his pictures; its interesting to see what another person finds beautiful. 

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