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I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, the best thing about school was field-trips. Fuck recess, fuck lunch, FUCK gym, and so on. But when you walked into school that one morning where you had a FIELD trip, it was as if all of a sudden someone had taken off the handcuffs of middle school and you were allowed to roam free wherever it was you were going. 

My favorite field trips included the Philadelphia Mutter Museum, which, if you've never been, make sure not to go on a full stomach. When you walk in, you can instantly feel the eerie ambiance- but its not until you go downstairs that you realize why... Shrunken heads, babies in jars, pickled pigs feels and skeletons fill the room. The Mutter Museums mantra is "disturbingly informative" and you'll find that its just that. 

Another one of my favorites is the Franklin Institute. I don't know if i can begin to explain all that the FI has to offer, but as a teenager, I'd find myself tripping on acid in the incredible Omniverse theatre which is a bubble entirely surrounded by a screen.  They film movies especially for the theatre and it is so incredible that you feel like you're actually moving.
There's also a giant human heart that you can walk through- and it makes a loud thumping sound like its beating. I know this all sounds majorly whacky, but its more fun than I can explain.

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Jess and Josh said...

you were probably actually on acid at the franklin institute. if not, you should have been.