Studio 54, circa 2008.

When my friend Bryan told me he was moving into a space 10x my apartment, without a kitchen, barely finished bathroom and bedrooms the size of my closets, I was more than skeptical. But, upon entering Studio 814, I was floored with.. well.. the floors.

And mostly everything about the space; this GORGEOUS 2,000 square foot studio/apartment features 12 foot ceilings, wood floors and brick walls and has been dubbed the new "Studio 54" by Blackbook magazine, for hosting a rather unorthodox first exhibit called Electric Palace, by french artist Laurent Grasso

I worked with Bryan on a few photo shoots, styling and assisting with make-up and hair, and the space really is enchanting.  With a small kitchen and sitting area, the studio is primarily for photo shoots and exhibits. You can rent out the space for $600/day or for $400/half day, which includes some in-house equipment and a helluva lotta charm! 

Be sure to check it out. 

[The picture posted is one that I helped style and was taken on the fire escape.]

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