So restless, so breathless.

I love Alex Markman. In fact, as I post this, I am wearing the flannel that I kidnapped from him. And I know once he reads this he's going to call me and ask for it back, but we all know that's not going to happen.

Alex needs money to fund his senior NYU film, RESTLESS; the script is awesome, and I'm going to be in it! (barely...) SO, please, check out his website that Anthony Cafaro made, because the website is cool, Alex and Cafaro are cool, and if you've got some spare change, donate it to him and one day you'll be able to say, "I helped that kid get on his feet" when he's fucking famous and you're working at Starbucks. 
While you're at it, check out his YouTube page to see the other movies he's made.
(Love you, Markman!)
Also, Anthony Cafaro, who's linked above, is a brilliant graphic designer, typographer, etc.. and an overall cool guy. Ladies, he's single and sexy. Guys, he'll make your website super sweet. 
(Love you, Cafaro!)

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