I bet you say "fuck" real pretty.

Oh, how I love anything with glasses and a guitar around the neck.
Rachel Nichols, my girl from high school, always hooks me up with the best new music. 
[She's introduced me to the likes of Neko Case, Magnetic Fields, the Decemberists, etc.]
But, on this seemingly dull Tuesday night, thanks to her, I have fallen in love.
The Neighborhood Choir... This 4-some from Temple is going to haunt me in my sleep.
Listening to them is better than laying in bed, stoned after 8th period math class. Better than summer camp. Better than breaking your first heart.  Better than your first hand-job.
I can't write a music review to save my skinny ass, so sorry for the love letter.

So, goddamit, Neighborhood Choir, come to the East Village and date me! Or at least play a show.

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