If you didn't think it was possible, facebook got a little more creepy.

Ok, so we've all accepted the fact that Facebook has started to take over our daily lives.  First with the ever-intrusive "mini-feed" and the "notifications" and then the constant emails popping up on our blackberries telling us who posted what pictures of friday night, or who wrote on who's wall about so and so. Its really becoming ridiculous. 

But just when you think Facebook couldn't possibly ruin your life any more, it HAS with its newest creepy application, "Friends for Sale" 

With "Friends for Sale" friends are allowed to "buy you" for a starting price of about $571.  Once you're purchased, you're that persons "pet" and they can name you and buy you toys.  But, if someone wants to come along and buy you from your pervious owner, they have to cough up more money, because your value goes up with each purchase. I am currently investing in a $26,000 "pet", but I'm still only worth a measly $800, so someone needs to get on their buying game, asap.

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Jess and Josh said...

this reminds me of mary-kate and ashley's hit single "brother for sale (only 50 cents)."