Femme Fatale.

Ah, Valentines day. As my marketing teacher would say, yet another holiday for companies everywhere to boost up sales right before the quarter ends and a Hallmark holiday to boot. But, regardless, its become a day to celebrate love and whatever the fuck else, and a mass murder of red roses. 
I've always been a fan of giving guys lingerie; you can't really go wrong with leather and lace. And there is no better place else to go to on Valentines day than Kiki De Montparnasse. Aside from having definitely the most expensive collection of vibrators and dildos, Kiki is also known for having the most luxurious of fabrics in their lingerie collections.  From silk bras, to cashmere underwear, to alligator restraining kits and 14k gold vibrators... it definitely brings out the "fuck" in someone. 
Don't believe me? Go visit the store in Soho, right off of Green and Spring streets.  When you walk in the lighting is low and sultry, the woman who work there are all gorgeous and wear the lingerie around the store like clothing (not showing too much skin, of course) but the dressing rooms are the best part; like what I would imagine arabian tents to look like, dark blue velvet and when you get inside, you have the option of "before", "during" and "after" sex lighting.  There's a bench for whomever you've brought with you (boyfriend, boss, mistress, your boyfriends boss, whatever) to sit and enjoy the view and a fan full of peacock feathers for.. well, who knows what for, but its cool.
Your purchases are all kept confidential, so if you're wondering what Dylan McDermott bought for his someone special, don't even bother asking 'cause they won't tell! Kiki also boasts a collection of beautiful coffee table books, fine jewelry, silk bedding and a number of other tasteful kinky things.  Check out the website, and someone buy me those handcuffs!

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