Ear Candy.

New Artists that I kind-of enjoy listening to: (these may not be new for anyone  but me, by the way)

1. Vampire Weekend (Kind-of dance-y shit)
2. The Virgins (I think I like their name more than their music)
3. Girl in a Coma (Saw these people at Morrissey, and they sucked live, but I like them now.. Angst-y girly shit)
4. Band of Horses (Like 80's music, but for 2008)
5. I'm from Barcelona (More dance-y shit!!!)
6. Bat for Lashes (Weird.)
7. El Perro Del Mar (This is mostly because I have a major girl crush on the lead singer)
8. Bon Iver (Thanks, Coup.) 
9. The Books (Thanks, Griff.)
and duh...
10. LCD Soundsystem.. because no top artists list of mine is complete without James Murphy. 

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