Just another manic panic Monday.

Ugh, you know those days where you have to look super fucking hot? Like, fuck-you-in-the-bathroom-because-I-can't-wait-to-get-you-home hot? Yeah, well, I've got a few of those days coming up, and instead of going out and buying a new outfit, I decided to buy a new outfit for my hair.
Manic Panic has been a good friend of mine since the 5th grade when I decided to go to South Street with my friends and buy turquoise hair dye to dye pieces of our hair. Needless to say, having brown hair made it hard to see, and it ended up looking like army green and washed out in 3 days. But that was the point! Mommy had no idea! And then, when I was in 10th grade, and Julia Tackett had already dyed her hair hot pink (which was obviously what I originally wanted), I called upon Manic Panic's "Blue Velvet" to change up my hair color. 
And here I am again, clearly not an adult yet because while walking down 3rd avenue on my pursuit for  a place to get a cheap manicure, I wandered into Ricky's and bought myself "Raven" hair dye.  Even though my bathtub is a strange shade of green, and my roommate will probably be pissed for months, my hair looks Japanese-fab! And matches my freshly painted black nails. How goth-tastic of me.

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