He said it was the same for him when he was young.

And as for me when I was young, I had quite the sweet tooth.  There was a candy store in my neighborhood my father and I used to frequent called Edward Freemans, and it carried every possible type of candy you could imagine; candies that my father had had when he was a kid, candies from other countries, candies that weren't even being made anymore. But whenever we went there, we were sure to leave with a few tins of Grethers Pastilles. These Swedish made hard jelly candies are flavored as either black currants or red currants, and they taste incredible.  The tins are pretty hard to find so your best bet is to order a case online; I guarantee  they will be gone in a week. 
And apparently Bill Clinton is a fan? All the more reason to suck 'em down. 

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