Boys will be boys.

I guess this all stems from growing up in a household where my mother wore head-to-toe Ralph Lauren, dressed me in floral prints, and has found every possible toile printed furniture item that exists on the face of the earth; I can blame my mother but I truly love preppy-chic.  Not for me, of course. I've spent years cleansing my closet of Lacoste Polo's and pastel cable knit sweaters, but every now and again, I bring out that custom fitted pale blue and white striped button down and I sigh, remembering the good old WASP-y stomping grounds. 
With this said, I don't really bother to go into the Ralph Lauren stores anymore (mostly because they don't make anything in the color black...) but I wandered into Rugby the other day and truly fell in love.  The emblem blazers, the bright colored collard shirts worn under v-neck sweaters, the dress socks for men.. ughh, I felt like I was looking into my future husbands closet.  Needless to say, Rugby just opened up their online store and since I'm a huge advocate of online shopping, (a la parents credit cards) I highly suggest checking it out. 

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