Tis' the season.. for suicide and depression medication.

Morbid, I know.  But ever since the end of halloween people have been talking about Christmas, and then yesterday I realized, CHRISTMAS IS A MONTH AWAY.  Someone in my classes ACTUALLY had the nerve to tell us that she had purchased presents for her mother and sister! What a fucking over achiever; who actually has presents already?

Alright, alright. So naturally I'm just upset because I haven't even begun to think about christmas or presents let alone gathered the money for either.  I have taken the necessary moves to start selling the things I no longer need on ebay, but I fear that is only going to get me so far.  But just because Im broke and a procrastinator doesn't mean that the rest of the world is, so here are some good holiday gift options for you. 
As for me, I just want THIS and a couple thousand dollars to decorate my new apartment. Oh and a Birkin bag.

Gifts for Women:  
1.) Lingerie: It never hurts to buy a woman lingerie, in my opinion.  Kiki De Montparnasse is gorgeous and classy, but will set you back at least a couple hundred dollars for the good stuff.  If you're on a budget, the candles and non-silk underwear is a great alternative.  Or if you're buying for more than one woman... 
2.) Shoes: Guys, Barney's is having a shoe sale right now, among other things.  Do you really need any more reason to go buy a pair of shoes for your girlfriend?  WE DONT CARE IF THEYRE ON SALE, WE JUST LOVE SHOES.
3.) Perfume: I always subscribe to the notion that you shouldn't buy a girl only perfume for a gift.. I think its rather tacky.  But if you are on a budget, or if your girlfriend is smelly or just genuinely wants perfume, you can't go wrong with Bond no. 9.  
4.) Jewelry: Anything from costume to diamonds works and make sure to find out if she prefers silver or gold.  If you're going the route of costume, I suggest something like Chanel or Hermes, like this GORGEOUS black and gold Collier de Chien bracelet, for $1,000.  Or if you're budgeting, here are some other options.
- Barneys co-op has some great jewelry, like this snake ring, $410.
5.) Personal Trainer: I suggest using this gift with caution because it could create some unwanted arguments. (ie: "SO YOU THINK IM FAT?!")  But if she already belongs to a gym, or if you know its something she would enjoy, a personal trainer for a few sessions could make an excellent gift.  
-Homebodies.com offers private lessons in the comfort of your own home for yoga and pilates enthusiasts.
-David Kirsch Wellness company offers private training lessons at his Madison Square club for $350 with the founder himself.  For a year membership, it'll run you $25,000.  
6.) Magazine subscriptions: What woman doesn't love a good fashion magazine, plus they're rather inexpensive (unless you go international, which can get pricey). Check out Maghound.com (see post below) for a way to bundle a bunch of different magazines together. If you're really clueless as to what to buy, here are some ideas. (www.magazines.com has a wide selection)
- Elle, Vogue, Nylon, W Mag or Numero, for the fashion enthusiast. 
- Wallpaper and Art + Auction, for anyone in architecture and art collecting. 
- People or Entertainment weekly, for the gossip and entertainment lover.
7.) Digital Camera: If she doesn't already have one (like myself, unfortunately) a digital camera can make the perfect gift.  
8.) Weekend in a Bed and Breakfast: Even if you're just minutes away from your apartment, sometimes getting away and sleeping in a different bed, bathing in a luxurious bath and being able to leave your clothes strewn across the room without worrying about cleaning, is all a couple needs.  The Lafayette House in Manhattan is a gorgeous little brown-stone turned into a mini-hotel with a vintage feel.  Everything from the deep marble bath with C.O Bigelow products to the working fireplaces makes this hide-a-way perfect for a weekend in bed.  And if you're not located in Manhattan, try www.BedandBreakfast.com for great suggestions all over the world. 
9.) Designer Bag: Listen to me, you CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT go wrong with a new bag.  Lanvin, Chanel, Balenciaga, Prada, Goyard, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta.  Learn those words and learn them well.  Barneys, Bergdorfs, eLuxury.com and even eBay, for crying out loud, sells gorgeous designer bags.  
10.) Gift Certificates: If you're really stuck on what to get someone, you can't go wrong with gift certificates.  For woman, I would say stick to somewhere you know they frequent.  
- iTunes

And if all else fails, call your ex's. 

Gifts for Men:
1.)  iPod touch/iPhone: Its funny how easy Apple made it to buy men presents.  You can't go wrong with gadgets. 
2.) Massages: The ones that DON'T come with "happy endings".  Skintology has great massages and the prices aren't too bad, with starting massages for $90. 
3.) Day at the Russian/Turkish Baths: Absolutely MY favorite thing to do on a lazy day, the russian and turkish baths make a great present.  They offer membership passes where you get a 6-day pass and also offer massages and other treatments.  But all in all, a day at the spa is only $25.  
4.) BBQ Dinner: Need I say more?  Pocketchangenyc.com offers a ton of options to choose from, but Blue Smoke may be one of my favorites.  
5.) A nice, old-fashioned Shave: Although not for every man, this is an excellent gift for someone who cherishes a good, clean, close shave.  Also can benefit you, if you know what I mean. 
- The Art of Shaving not only makes an excellent gift, but if you happen to be in New York for the holidays or live in New York, the Art of Shaving Barber spa offers shaves, haircuts and massages starting at $35.  The product line is my go-to for Dad presents. 
- Freeman's Sporting Club also offers that old-timey barbershop feeling with its traditional grooming techniques, like a straight razor shave for $40.  Great place to bring your father on a day out. 
6.) Anything and everything from Odin: For the well-dressed guy or for the guy you'd like to be well-dressed, Odin has awesome clothing, shoes, accessories and even beauty products, all for men.  With brands like Band of Outsiders and Obedient Son's, it covers classic and unique all under one roof. 
7.) Wallets:  Can't stand the wallet his ex-girlfriend bought him that is falling apart and needs to be replaced? Wallets are so easy and guys generally don't have much of a preference when it comes to style.  The classic Louis Vuitton billfold is great for a more label-conscious boy, or something simple like this  Comme de Garcon.    Also, for the minimalist, a 3-card holder is slim and elegant, like this Dior one. 
8.) Hats, scarves and gloves:  Keep them warm and free of complaints with cold weather accessories. 
9.) Ties, ties, ties: For some men, you can't go wrong with a beautiful tie.  
10.) Private boxing lessons or Private cooking lessons: This may not fit in perfectly to the rest of the list, but I think its a great present that someone will never forget.  
Boxing: there is an gym in Manhattan that specializes in boxing as a workout, and although I haven't personally experienced it, I've heard excellent things.  Trinity Boxing offers 10-private boxing lessons for $450. That'll really show him who's boss.
Cooking: may suggest something about his cooking, but a lesson from Home Cooking NY is $300 for 2 and could definitely bring a couple closer together. After-all, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, right? 
- Hugo Chef offers tailored cooking classes at $50 per hour.  Also offers wine tasting lessons for $120.
- The Wise Cook offers 3-hour classes for $300, plus an additional $50 per extra person where you learn to prepare a 3-course meal of your choice. 

And if all else fails, scour the pages of Uncrate.com for more ideas.  You're bound to find something.

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