I'm a rebel without a cause, except, it hasn't gotten me very far.

Ohh what's a girl to do on a nice day in April? Manicures, pedicures, shopping, bath houses..
Ya thats right. And in case you didn't know about this little East Village gem, I highly suggest you jump on the band wagon.

Thanks to James from Lola for dragging my ass to this quaint Russian and Turkish Bath house on 10th between 1st and avenue A. You walk in, and you give the guy behind the front desk your personal belongings (ie: cell phone, iPod, wad of hundo's) and you go into designated locker room with your key. *Be prepared to walk in on a 70 year old nude woman. After you lock up your stuff, and change into your robe, for girls, and shorts for men, head downstairs to the saunas. Don't expect Great Jones spa, my friends but check out one of the 4 steam rooms and be prepared to sweat all the alcohol you consumed the night before out of your system.

The major room, the Russian sauna, is crazy, and they recommend that you spend no more than 30 minutes at a time in there (not that anyone can.. its intense). Theres a fountain where they pour fresh cold water into a basin and you fill up a bucket and pour it over your head unless you want to die.

I liked the aromatherapy room best, where your sinus's get a nice cleansing.
Don't forget to bring a water bottle or buy one there- you need to stay hydrated for this experience. When you leave, you feel 10lbs lighter, and like you're on top of the world. And in the summer you can go up to the roof deck and topless tan next to your grandfather!

And if this is not enough incentive, did I mention that Collin Ferrel frequents this place? 3 month membership, please!

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