But youth, of course, must have its fling.

There is nothing like the first summer day in New York City. Where everyone shows a little more skin and hormones are running rapid. And on this day, theres nothing better to do than to go out and have a lazy brunch with friends.

So last Saturday, as the sun shone down on my naked arms, I sat outside of this cutesy little restaurant called Prune. With a brunch menu boasting 10 + bloody marys (one of which comes with pickled eggs and one comes with a beef jerky stick... for the brave) And if you can stomach the sometimes hour-long wait for brunch, I highly recommend it because it was truly the most delicious brunch I've had and with a great varied menu.

I took the safe route and had the soft scrambled eggs with smoked bacon, english muffin and a hashbrown. I also got a summery ginger-mint salad, which included pineapple, oranges and mango's (but was rather too sweet for my liking) Ilona got the Joes Dairy, which I tried and was absolutely delicious.

Although I haven't tried it, Prune is known for their Monte Cristo which is a triple decker ham, turkey and swiss cheese sandwich, custard-style battered and deep fried.

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