I don't need a nicotine patch, I smoke cigarettes.

And hell, if you're going to get cancer, you may as well do it stylishly with Nat Sherman's Fantasia's colored sniggerettes. These stogies are wrapped in a gold box and when you open it, you're not sure if you're looking at a smoke or a crayon; the cigarettes are colored with green, blue, red, yellow and bright pink papers, and a gold filter. Nat Sherman also promises that there are no additives in their cigarettes (but warns that this does not mean its a "safer" stoge... no kidding). If you get the chance, go visit the store on east 42nd street at 5th avenue.

Now all you need to do is wear color-coordinating Manolos, pick up your pooch with matching Louis Vuitton carry-case and spark-up with your Cartier Lighter!


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