Put this in your pipe and smoke it

I finally quit smoking after battling a horrendous bout of bronchitis and constant bitching from my boyfriend about how awful it was to kiss me. (You would have quit, too)  And while I don't miss spending $9.50 on a pack, the burn holes in my stockings and clothing or the smell that lingers with you and your wardrobe, I do understand the appeal of smoking cigarettes.  It looks kinda neat, you generally get a nice calm after your first drag, and hey, who needs a hamburger when you can smoke a stogie.  
So I don't really understand the purpose of the Luci, a cigarette that isn't actually a cigarette, which allows you to inhale and experience the flavor of a cigarette and the nicotine but without the smoke.  
But I think its kind-of neat, especially the packaging which is a black steel case the size of a cigarette that opens to allow you to replace the flavor cartridge with whatever flavor you choose.  
You can also choose the level of nicotine you wish you "smoke", anywhere from zero nicotine to high levels of nicotine and you can "smoke" it indoors.  The website spins it as a safer alternative to smoking because it creates no second-hand smoke, and contains no tar, pollutants or carcinogenic substances. 
Want to try it? Its only a cool $150.  Did I mention its rechargeable? 

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