Cigarettes and speed for living, sleeping pills to feel forgiven.

Living in Manhattan for the past 3 years has got me feeling like I've lived here my whole life, for I've certainly longed to. And, within those 3 years, I've discovered places in the city that even my Manhattan-ite friends have never been to or heard of. But it took a visit from my boy, born in San Francisco and currently living in Pittsburgh, to introduce me to my favorite New York coffee place.

Ninth Street Espresso is a place that you would walk by a million times without stopping in. A little, nondescript store front on east 9th street, between avenues C & D that brews by far the best coffee I've yet to taste in Manhattan. The coffee is strong and fragrant, the cappuccinos are perfect, the lattes frothy and the mocha's are made with a bitter chocolate (don't expect Starbucks, babe).

According to their website, they're opening a 3rd location in the east village on 10th street. And for those of you who insist on living on the west side (gag me), they have a stand in the Chelsea market so you can get your fix too.

Don't forget to try their cookies; they're as good as the coffee.

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