You shouldn't forget the importance of entertainment.

Finding the editorial page in a fashion magazine is like finding Chanel at Walmart, errr.. a needle in a haystack. So, I never bother to look for them. Thats why it came as a surprise when I found 2, NOT ONE but 2 interviews with Brady Corbet. First in March '08 I-D and then a joint interview with Brady and Michael Pitt talking about Funny Games, the remake of Michael Hanekes movie, set to come out this summer. 
You may remember the coming-of-age-movie-gone-wrong, Thirteen (2003) with Evan Rachel Wood, pre Marilyn Manson. Brady stars as Wood's brother, and plays a more complex role in Mysterious Skin, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Both movies are worth skipping 6th period french class to see, which was what I did for Thirteen when it came out. (Evan Rachel Wood making out with equally hot Nikki Reed? Fucking hot.)

Anyway, check out the trailer for Funny Games and be on the lookout for more work by Corbet (rhymes with sorbet), 'cause he's a brilliant and talented kid. And yes, at 19 years old, you can still call him a kid. 

You may remember Brady from 

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