Now you're all gone, got your make-up on, and you're not coming back.

I'm on spring break- and since I've been home in Philly, I've done the following things:
1. Hair colored, x 4 (finally back to black).
2. Hair Cut
3. Family lunch with my dads side.
4. Lunch with my step-dad
5. Funny Games with Mom (who's eyes were shut during 75% of the movie)
6. Got a new cell phone
7. Avoided phone calls from people I don't feel like seeing
8. Tried to convince my parents to take me to Italy with them
9. Tried to convince my brother to convince my parents to go to Italy with them
10. Slept. Especially during family dinners.

And lastly, yesterday my Grammy and I went up to Best Buy, and I purchased the complete DVD set of Freaks & Geeks.  And yes, its awesome. I've even got my 16 year old brother, who definitely surpassed the 80's by 10 years, into it. Last night we watched the first disk and to be honest, I'm not sure the box will make it back to NY unwatched. Its addicting. 
My next purchase? Duh. My So Called Life.

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Jess and Josh said...

freaks and geeks is stellar. james franco is so masturbation material.