Drug free wednesday

Last night, after talking about it for about a month now, Gavin, Abby and I set off to get our new tattoos. Knowing that my boy Jonny Lennon is decked out in all types of ill ink, I asked his advice. He sent us to Big Steve at Daredevil Tattoo on Ludlow between Stanton and Houston.  Daredevil is a cozy little tattoo parlor, that houses some of NYs best artists.  Be prepared to drop a decent amount of cash (they're artists charge $200/hour) But also know that you'll leave there with a gorgeous life-long tattoo.

Sorry no photos of our tattoos yet, but be on the lookout for the soon to be posted video Gavin took of my painful little scar.
Word of advice: Don't annoy Steve, he'll make you regret it in the chair.

(if you're wondering what we got, Gavin got "XXI" on his hip, Abby got angel wings, a la Nicole Richie, in henna ink on the heel of her foot and I got "je m'en fouts" on my upper ribs. )

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