Gives new meaning to the term "trick or treat".

What's the big deal about Absinthe? I remember the first time I tried the green, licorice-y crap- I nearly had alcohol poisoning and did the walls melt into each other and did I see wonderful colors? No, I just puked in a bathtub while my boyfriend held my hair back.
And what's with the whole process of burning the sugar with a spoon and mixing it with water, yada yada yada; I'm trying to get plastered, not shoot up green heroin.

So, even though Absinthe and I aren't old friends (are you noticing a pattern of my hatred for green-things?), I do love candy, and these Absinthe flavored lollypops are the best things to come on a stick since corn dogs.

According to the website they're made of real, legal Absinthe.  Can't you imagine the look on your parents faces when you stick these little babies in the trick or treat bags of your neighbors kids? 

Pretty soon they're going to start making cocaine you can drink!
Oh, wait- they already did.

(Thanks, McCallan!)

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